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HiveFest 2021 Starts Today! Catch D.Buzz on Stage Tomorrow!

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6 months ago

HiveFest 2021 Starts Today! Catch D.Buzz on Stage Tomorrow!

Hello fans and friends of D.Buzz!

The day is finally here, it is upon us, the moment, the magic, the prestige. In just a few short hours FiveFest 2021 kicks off in VR. This will be the second time this festival is held in virtual reality, and the virtual reality conference base looks amazing.

It really is extraordinary how we could pull a global community together into a virtual reality space. That people from around the world, and in different time zones, can gather and share ideas. It is sometimes easy to look only on the negative side of life, however we personally believe this is some of the best times to be alive, given the ability to connect and communicate.

Speaking of connecting and communicating, we have a time slot to give a presentation about D.Buzz.

We will be presenting at the festival, Saturday 13 November - Day 2 at 7:00 PM UTC. The presenters will be @nathansenn, one of the founders of D.Buzz, and main advisor on the project. Along with him will be @Jacuzzi, the new manager of D.Buzz, and long time content creator for the daily articles.

Both Nathan and Jacuzzi are in different time zones from the festival, Jacuzzi being in Vietnam that is UTC +7, so his presentation will be at 2 AM in the morning in Vietnam. However these two troopers are ready to take the stage at this virtual conference, and deliver a 10 minute talk about D.Buzz.

Some of the points they'll be discussing, is where the project started from, where it is currently at, and where D.Buzz will be going next year. The presentation will end with a five-minute question answer. So if you ever want to know the name of the Bee in our logo, or, how many Buzzes a bee could buzz, if a bee could buzz. This would be your chance to raise your hand (* with a VR emote), and get that burning question answered!

To learn more about the festival, and to get your last-minute tickets you can go here:

There are actually, lot of really great speakers and presentations that will be happening. If you can find the time, we recommend you come to the festival.

Hope to see you in VR really soon!

- The D.Buzz

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Written by   18
6 months ago
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