#ESMpicks Round-up : Badge of Pawesomeness Picks : Vol.27

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#ESMpicks Round-up
Badge of Pawesomeness Picks Vol.27

Hello friends and fans of D.Buzz,

Here at D.Buzz, we want to help support the Hive community and its content creators to grow through engagement with other users in the D.Buzz community.

So if you've been given a badge of Pawesomeness, I'm thrilled to say you've got a chance to be featured in the weekly round-up of posts with the help of D.Buzz' Epic Smile Maker #ESMpicks.

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Thank you and keep up the great work for your chance to be in the next round of featured articles!

Another month has ended for the year and with summer just around the corner, it's no excuse to stay cooped up in our homes, so we gotta get out there and look for some great adventures much like how @mmckinneyphoto13 shared these awesome photos! Boy does seeing these snowcaps somewhat help in fighting off the heat that's real apparent from my tropical country, would definitely love to feel the crisp chill mountain air from these photograph scenes! (人゚∀゚)So maybe not all of us are fans of the cold winter season, so maybe sharing this alternative of a "trip to the jungle" by @soyunasantacruz is another brilliant idea, much more if you're into seeing some awesome wildlife face-to-face interactions or just being up-close-and-personal could really just about brighten your day from seeing this open-type zoo. (o//◡//o )Speaking of brightening your day amongst the wildlife out in the open, there are other more helpful ways to come into contact with the animals in our urban spaces, much like how @putu300 rescued this lil kitten that seems to have not been much weaned by its mother who's nowhere in sight nearby. Do hope OP manages to pull through with stabilizing this kit, as speaking from personal experience, cats are at their most vulnerable stage at this age and not everyone from our past litters of kittens always managed to grow up into adult cats. So lots of power and hope for OP and kit! ✽(ˆ▽ˆ)-✽And once you get tired from all the adventure you're able to encounter fo the day, there's nothing that beats a good cool cup of dessert much like what I've discovered from @kristal24 and this yummy sounding jelly recipe that she shared! I know bananas are flexible ingredients when it comes to any sort of dessert, but it's the raspberries and strawberries that are the icing here that really had me curious to try this recipe out for myself. (っˆڡˆς)🍨Getting out of your comfort zones and enjoying a lil bit of excitement in life may be the first step of progress for some of us who have gotten a lil bit too used to the conveniences of working from home and having every other thing delivered right to the comforts of our doorstep, but for anything else, maybe understanding what @maryjacy has to share from her article is also an important aspect in our daily lives to be more emphatic with each other.

Again a huge heartfelt thanks to all of you who have posted such amazing content. I hope to include you all in future Roundup posts!

For now, this ESM (Epic, Smile, Maker) is signing off.

Have a great day!

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