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D.Buzz Tutorials, How to make A new account with Hive on Board

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2 months ago

D.Buzz Tutorials, How to make A new account with Hive on Board.

Hello and welcome to D.Buzz

Today we are going to review the process of making a new account on Hive On Board, and logging in using the HIVE Key chain app. Let get started!

Here is the video tutorial, the written process is below.

Part 1: Making an Account

To start go to

Then follow the link to install the Hive Key chain extension

Open up the Key chain app and set up a master password. This password is not related to the HIVE blockchain, but rather local to your browser.

  • Make a password you can remember.

After you finish you can close that window and return to the Hive on Board web page.

Pick a username that you like.

Please note : That you will have this username for the life of your account and as of today, there is no way to change it. So, pick the one you like. :D

Tick the agree on button and continue.

Next page you will be prompted to download your keys. It's important you download these keys and keep them safe, do not keep them safe and lose them you'll not build access to your account, we have no way to recover your account for you if you use these keys.


Next, you will be asked to enter your phone number, this is for a one-time verification process after you enter your number you will get an SMS message on your phone with the number you need to use verification.

After you enter this verification number, congratulations your account is made!

Part Two: Adding your account to the hive keychain

Open the text file you downloaded with your account keys in it, right below username this is your master password. Copy this to your clipboard.

Click on the small puzzle piece in your chrome or brave browser and go to the hive keychain plugging.

Click the button that says import using your name and password.

Type in your username and then paste in the password you copied the text file. This will import all of your important keys you need to drag with on the blockchain.

Upon successful import now you can log into any DAPP on HIVE using the Hive Keychain. WOOT!

Step 3 : Log into D.Buzz

Go to:

  • Click login

  • Enter your username

  • Tick the box that says use hive keychain.

In the confirmation window that appears confirm, click confirm, and congratulations you are login and ready to make your first buzz!!

We hope you enjoy this short tutorial should have any questions please let us know.

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Know someone that needs a HIVE account?

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  • What do you think of these updates and developments?

  • Are you excited about them?

  • How can we improve and be better?

Thank you for being with us on this journey, we have endless gratitude for all the support you have given.

Over and out.


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Written by   7
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