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D.Buzz Community Highlight: @shmoogleosukami

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D.Buzz Community Highlight of the week

What's Buzzing D.Buzz?

If you look at the logo hive has, it is a honeycomb. A six-sided shape. It is not a line with only one or two sides, but a multifaceted shape with many different directions and angles.

This can be an allegory to what a user on the hive is, a multifaceted person with many angles and different sides. One side is a community member, one side is a curator, one side is a developer, one side is a gamer, but all these different sides and facets to the individual come together to form the shape that is a hive user. Creating content, curating content, developing, growing... this is what Hive is.

The user we are highlighting today is very much so a multifaceted individual with many sides to their online presence, and someone we feel is a great nomination for our community highlight this week on D.Buzz.

Let's discover who they are below.

We like to believe that D.Buzz is more than just a Dapp; it's a community. It is a community of people with a passion for Crypto, a passion for censorship-resistant content, engagement, and a passion for spreading their message.

We see you, and we love you all.

To give back and express our thanks, every Thursday we will highlight someone from our community in a post across social media. They will be listed as a 50% beneficiary in the post as a way to say thanks!

Today, We would like to highlight 

The other day while in the office we were looking at hexagons while debating who we should nominate for today's highlight. Then it hit us... hexagons, they have many sides, this got us thinking what else has many sides, and this of course let us to the only answer which was @shmoogleosukami.

@shmoogleosukami, they are a hexagon in themselves... to quote their BIO "British Autistic person | Streamer on @vimm | Hobby: Web Development, Art, Gaming | Hive Witness". WOW! Talk about a person with a lot of different sides. We think having a myriad of different hobbies and desires is fantastic especially, sharing them on HIVE and sequentially D.Buzz is fantastic x 2.

This uniquely shaped individual, with a pretty wildly boss looking computer (Check it out HERE), is an active live stream or on Vimm, they play games, run a witness server, post quite regularly on D.Buzz, and from the comments that we read, seem like they might be a really groovy individual to go get a beer with.

It's for all of these reasons and more that we want to highlight @shmoogleosukami as our community pick of the week!

@shmoogleosukami, please keep doing what you're doing, we hope you get the API set up on your witness server, tame some more pets in No Mans Sky, and increase your autistic givings.

Dear reader if you do not know @shmoogleosukami, add them as a friend today, and say hello!

Much love,
Your Friends over at D.BUZZ.

  • Do you have someone you feel we should highlight?

  • Post their name below and the reason why, and we may highlight them. :D

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Written by   7
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