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D.Buzz Community Highlight: @aaliyahholt

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2 months ago

D.Buzz Community Highlight of the week

What's Buzzing D.Buzz?

Did you know that in 2020, the number of unique channels on YouTube, focusing on Gaming worldwide, was on average to be around 1 Million? (Source). It is easy to predict that in 2021 that number will increase.

That is crazy and amazing, and OMG. However, what is even more awesome is that while YouTube has a community, you can also cross-post and build a community on HIVE.

The benefit of posting on HIVE and on D.Buzz is that your content is censorship-resistant and will remain online for the life of the blockchain, and you could of course earn $HIVE... all that is wicked cool.

Our community highlight today is someone doing this. They make awesome videos and post them to YouTube and onto D.Buzz.

Let's discover who they are below.

We like to believe that D.Buzz is more than just a Dapp; it's a community. It is a community of people with a passion for Crypto, a passion for censorship-resistant content, engagement, and a passion for spreading their message.

We see you, and we love you all.

To give back and express our thanks, every Thursday we will highlight someone from our community in a post across social media. They will be listed as a 50% beneficiary in the post as a way to say thanks!

Today, We would like to highlight 

In the office when playing our weekly round of Rocket League, we were discussing who nominate for this week's community highly, with the scoring of a goal, we knew it had to be, the one the only @aaliyahholt.

@aaliyahholt runs a youtube channel called "Gaming With Jazz", on this channel she posts gaming videos and witty commentary. She then re-syndicates the content to D.BUZZ. Nice.

We wanted to nominate her for two reasons, the first is that this is a great use case for D.BUZZ, that it can be a platform for you to share content you've made elsewhere, and increase your views and likes.

The second reason was that we found the videos fun and interesting, and we (Hive andD.BUZZ) needs to see more of the gaming community grow here.

So for being a trendsetter, content creator, and groovy person please accept our nomination for our community highlight. And dear reader, if you do not know @aaliyahholt, we recommend adding her as a friend today.

Much love,
Your Friends over at D.BUZZ.

  • Do you have someone you feel we should highlight?

  • Post their name below and the reason why, and we may highlight them. :D

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Censorship resistant and built for the community with love.

We strive to have a fun and neutral stance on topics. If you have any concerns with the content, please contact @jacuzzi, who writes and generates the content for our articles, or the @dbuzz team for clarification.

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