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Bi-weekly Development Updates for D.Buzz and HIVE.PM

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1 month ago

Hello, fans and friends of D.Buzz!

We've got a bunch of really awesome updates for you today in this week's #ProjectUpdate . . let's get to it!
Open for Community Testing and Use!

The private messaging service built on the Hive blockchain is now officially open for community testing and use.

Before you go jumping and testing, REMEMBER, this is still in very early Alpha testing, you may experience bugs and edge case issues. However, it is usable and you can start sending private messages around our community. Should you encounter any bugs, please reach out to us on discord and let us know.

If you want to use Hive.PM Go here :


Following our internal naming convention (D.Buzz vs Next.D.Buzz), for as well, we have all the experimental / testing code uploaded to, while the more stable code that is ready for the community will be uploaded to Feel free to use either of these, but if you're feeling particularly dangerous you can try out new features we're playing with on

You Asked We Listened | Copy and Paste

Following our history of adding features the community asks for, one of our community members shared that they use a computer without a mouse. No problem we got you!

They asked if we can enable Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + C = Copy | Ctrl + v = Paste). We are thrilled to say that this update has enabled that feature. You can now Paste Image Uploads to D.Buzz.

You Asked We Listened to # 2 | Minimum Character Length

We know we're not perfect but, we always strive to make our product better and better every day. We had a series of discussions with #hivewatchers and members of the @dbuzz community. @risingstargame requested that @dbuzz add a minimum character parameter to the Buzz embed button, to assist with moderating content posted to D.Buzz from their Dapp.

With today's update, we released a minimum character length parameter so Dapps and websites that use the Buzz embed button can make use of it.

Now Dapps such as @risingstargame can model their Buzz-To-D.Buzz content after @actifit, a Dapp that's had success with a similar type of posting method.

The instructions for adding this new parameter to a Dapp has been posted to Check it out and update your code!

Shout out to, was one of our Alpha testers for HIVE.PM. They identified an issue with unticking the "Send Encrypted Messages" box. For strong reasons of increasing privacy and only sending encrypted messages in a PM, we decided to remove the ability to send unencrypted messages, this also centers more around the encrypted / privacy use-case that we will be building on, and expanding on into the future with Stay tuned for more information on that!

HIVE.PM < Decrypt All

Hive Keychain is the recommended way to login to D.Buzz. However, @keychain is not capable of decrypting more than one Memo at a time.

If you wish to decrypt all of your messages at one time and make use of this feature, you'll have to login with your Master Password.

We believe that, in theory at least, @stoodkev (the Dev assigned to @keychain) could make @keychain compatible with this feature, and we hope that they do. :D ... On a second note, we also eagerly await the Mobile version of @keychain. (*the full team here at D.Buzz wants this... like yesterday!)

Scroll Retention Fixed

Scroll retention is the ability to click on a buzz, read it, then come back to the point in the newsfeed where you were at. It is a very handy feature.

On D.Buzz due to some code updates we had to remove this functionality temporarily, we have however added it back in on Currently, we are testing it to make sure it works well with our new features before rolling it out to the main platform.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

link removal function added for 
D.Buzz Admin.

This feature is specifically reserved for Links/Images/Videos that involve: Phishing, Child Pornography or Blatant Scams (illegal content that we agree should be illegal).

While this was enabled for Buzzes, it was not for comments.

With today's updates, it is now enabled for comments as well. We hope this will be used to combat illegal content (that we agree should be illegal), such as Phishing, Child Pornography & Blatant Scams.

In the future, we'll be able to remove Links/Images/Videos from our front-end in those specific categories.

You can tag @dbuzz if you see something that matches those categories. The text from those posts will remain on our front-end though, to preserve freedom of speech but, the Links/Images/Videos of that type of content we agree should be illegal, will be removed.

Minor Fix

It took us a while to discover why this was happening but, happy to say we fixed an issue where users who logged out, only to log back in later, would then be logged out after that -> each time they refreshed the site thereafter. It was an interesting bug since it took us so long to find it, but it's fixed with today's batch of releases.

  • What do you think of today's updates?

  • What are you most excited about?

Thank you for taking the time to read and to be part of our community. We continue to strive to meet and exceed your expectations while we build product utilities that can help HIVE grow further and faster.

Over and out.


D.Buzz is ...

Is a censorship-resistant short form microblogging platform that empowers you to share your thoughts in 280 characters or less.

Censorship resistant and built for the community with love.

We strive to have fun and a neutral stance on topics. If you have any concerns with the content, please contact @jacuzzi, who writes and generates the content for our articles, or the @dbuzz team for clarification.

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