Know What You Have Achieved

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Everyone has worked in a place where they were not properly valued - low pay, long hours and terrible bosses.
The wealthier bosses treat their workers like ants that they can smash at any moment. It is paid so that the workers can be their victims . This is life. To provide shelter and food for one’s family, one must shut down one’s essence, be silent and do as told. We look for the good in people without knowing if it's there.

"I'm paying you to keep quiet!"

Today, as I walked the streets, I came across sights that were just like that. How bosses treat their staff in most places. To show their dominance, they shout, attack and humiliate those who are below them.
You are replaceable and they know it. No matter how hard you try at your job, no one will tell you "well done" until you do it yourself . Your work day is over, it was hard, but you made it. Be proud of what you've accomplished. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you. You have power over your consciousness, and you have power over the pain they inflict on you. Yes, you can run away and leave, but don't think that you won't come across such people again.

Know what you have achieved.

When you get home and look in the mirror, you see the fatigue, sadness and problems from the working day. Don't despair - look around the dinner table at your family and be proud that you provided for them. Many countries do not have this opportunity; they earn just enough for a slice of bread. Have you heard them complain? No! They go back to work because they are proud that at the end of a tiring day, the heat and the slavery, they will share their food with those who have meaning in their lives. They are proud of you, we here are proud of you and now you believe in yourself.

There is no shameful work.

Most people complain. "I work as a cleaner/undertaker/chimney sweeper."
Do not be shy. If you think your friends will make fun of you, then they are not real friends. Every job, no matter how "shameful" it sounds, is an important part of this world. It helps the world exist.
If there were no cleaners, the world would be one huge trash can; without an undertaker, who would take care of the dead? So, stop being ashamed of your work. Put a smile on your face and be proud of yourself, just as God and your family are proud of you.

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