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Sunday, October 08, 2021. My friend and I were drinking coffee at the coffee shop where we used to hang out. Btw, my friend is the guitarist in my band. His name is Petrus. While the two of us were relaxing enjoying coffee, suddenly Opan Gobank, a vocalist in my band, appeared as well. Finally, we sat at one table enjoying the coffee we ordered. Five minutes later there was a crashing sound from outside the coffee shop. The three of us tried to see it.

Damn, really?? One of our drummer's named Bees bumped into our lead guitarist named John Mamer who was riding a Vespa. The five of us haven't seen each other for a long time and practice music together. Now God brings us together absurdly and ridiculously. The five of us never had an appointment to meet, but today the five of us met by accident hahaha.

After gathering, we enjoyed coffee together then went to rent a music studio to play music with my band. We are a punk rock band. We already have 3 albums released by the music label that I own, namely Lebah Hitam Record. I will introduce my band members one by one.

The first is Opan Gobank. He is the vocalist in my band, as well as the one who formed this band. In the beginning, he formed this band he was a drummer, until in 2015 the former vocalist of this band named Kutil went out of town to work, so the vocalist position was replaced by Opan Gobank.

Opan Gobank, the vocalist of Indonesia Bersatu Ban

The second is John Mamer. He is a new member of this band. John Mamer's position in the band is Lead Guitar. It was Opan Gobank who invited him to join this band. Previously, we had a lead guitarist named Haris, he decided to leave the band because he chose an offer to work as a security guard in another city in 2015. Btw, Jhon Mamer is a member of the Vespa community and often touring with other Vespa groups. So he is a Vespa biker.

Jhon Mamer is lead guitarist of Indonesia Bersatu Band

The third is Bees. He joined the band in 2017. Besides joining us, he also joined a band called The Bentrok which is still active to this day. Bees works as a construction worker, besides beating drums, Bees also has expertise as a carpenter. He can make tables, chairs, and cabinets.

Bees, is drummer of Indonesia Bersatu Band

The fourth is Petrus. He is my best friend since childhood. Almost every day we spend time at the coffee shop. His position in the band is as a guitarist. Since he was in school he really liked the guitar. He thinks of the guitar as his wife, hahaha weird fetish. Petrus joined the band in 2013.

Petrus, He is my best Friend

The last one is me. Zein Grind or often called Mbah Selamet. my position in the band is bassist, I joined this band in 2009, at that time I was still in high school. At that time I never thought about joining a music group, but Opan Gobank invited me to join the band he formed.

This is me and the Bass
We when we finished playing music in the studio

Those were my friends who were in a music group called Indonesia Bersatu. I hope you enjoy reading my meaningless writing. Thank you and greetings

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Clap clap clap! Be searching for your songs when things here get better.

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Hi @wakeuplincs, thank you very much You can listen to our songs on YouTube. haha sorry if our song is not good to hear


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