We All Perform bid'ah

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Trying to consistently record anything that comes to mind into a piece of writing. Whether people read it or not, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is to keep writing whatever it is. So, on this occasion, I would like to record thoughts that have just emerged after reading a lot of articles on da'wah accounts.

Recently thought has been focused on religious matters for some reason. Thought after thought hit the head on religious matters. Maybe because before the month of Ramadan, information about religion, especially Islam, is overflowing everywhere. Accounts that aim to spread da'wah are increasingly prevalent, guerrilla everywhere, and penetrating every community. Social media is ultimately the battlefield.

Various schools to understand religion compete with each other to invite others to follow their flow. From liberals, moderates, to conservatives, all carry out their mission. For me, some things are interesting, educate, make us reflect, and not a few that make us bored. Most of the boring articles are conservative. Conservatives sometimes just don't appeal to those who think, especially those who think forward. Progressive.

Boring articles are those that discuss topics around the law. For me, the law is too narrow, only black and white. Leaving no grey space for thought. Moreover, those who are conservative always refer to the life of Rasulullah SAW. Yes, he is a human role model. But, can't all incidents be referred to Rasulullah SAW? For example, how to drive a motorized vehicle is good, of course, we cannot refer to Rasulullah SAW.

This is where it gets boring because conservatives think that the things that the Prophet did not do were bid'ah and bid'ah were bad deeds. Then, their understanding stiffened. Little by little it is not allowed, a little bit of heresy, sin, haram, and the like. Pilgrimage to the grave of bid'ah, tahlil bid'ah, the Prophet's birthday, and many more. And many more are considered bid'ah.

Even though their understanding is rigid, their zeal in preaching is commendable. They are guerrilla everywhere. Their understanding of religion is also easily understood by many people. No wonder why today so many religious people have conservative characteristics. Because most people are not critical, it is enough to give a statement and an argument, it is immediately considered valid and credible.

If we want to make an issue with bid'ah, we are all innovators. Even in religious matters. When the Prophet was still alive, did he ever read the Al-Qur'an which was recorded? The verses of the Al-Qur'an were only collected for the first time in the era of the Caliph Abu Bakr after the Prophet died. It was used as a Mushaf during the era of the Caliph Uthman bin Affan. Even at that time, the Koran did not have a point, let alone a vowel, so it was difficult for non-Arabs to distinguish between the letters ba, ya, na, and ta.

The period in the Al-Qur'an only existed in the tabiin era. Meanwhile, the harakat in the Qur'an was only added long after the Prophet Muhammad died. Isn't this an act of innovation? Yes, this is a bid'ah because it did what Rasulullah SAW did not do. Bid'ah is creativity because it finds something new. As long as bid'ah makes it easy and beneficial for the community at large, it is certainly not a problem. Moreover, the dot and vowel in the Al-Qur'an are affixed to make it easier for non-Arabic people to read the Al-Quran. Because at that time Islam began to spread to various parts of the world.

Pilgrimage more than once should also be bid'ah. Rasulullah SAW only had one pilgrimage even though the distance from Medina where he lived to Mecca was not that far. It is said that the Prophet's birthday was first carried out by the Islamic warlord, Saladin Al-Ayubi to pump up the morale and morale of the troops in the war to seize Constantinople.

Yes, even though it is bid'ah, but as long as it has wide practical benefits it doesn't matter. As long as it doesn't violate the teachings of the Al-Qur'an, of course. However, it seems that those who are conservative do not understand history. Because for them the most important thing is just to be completely obedient to the arguments without trying to uncover the essence of the arguments that are learned.

Many more conservative arguments feel funny if they are accepted. Is it true that Islam is that strict? It must be this absolute, it must be this absolute. This is what makes most people adopt a conservative understanding because there is no need to think too much and read history. It is enough to just obey some of the arguments in Arabic.

Many television programs also broadcast the preaching of Islam at this time. For me too, most of them are quite conservative. Because only a conservative understanding of religion can be broadcast instantly and easily understood. Because it only takes two or at most three propositions to explain an event. Ignoring the many differing opinions of scholars. Of course, this article is also very subjective, because I am also not a person who understands religion deeply. It's just that I want to think and read a little in understanding religion.

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