We all make mistakes

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Hello guys, have you ever been one of the organizers of an event? When we are involved in an event or become one of the event organizers, we will try our best not to make mistakes so that the event can run smoothly. Starting from staying up late to getting up too early. Have you ever, when the event has started, and you've tried your best, but you're still being blamed? It must be annoying right? It feels like you want to be angry because the work you do is considered trivial and not even appreciated. Even so, we must be able to accept criticism from others, because it will be able to mature us.

In an event that is held, there must be a committee structure that complements each other. Each committee will complete the tasks that are the responsibility of the committee. Sometimes from teamwork, we need an appreciation of what we have done so that we are even more enthusiastic to do it. Vice versa, we also need to appreciate teammates as a form of appreciation that you give. What happens if you have tried hard to do the best thing, but there is no appreciation and not even appreciation?

This is what happened to me last week. In my mind, I was very angry, annoyed and disappointed. But all that annoyance stopped when I saw a clock on the wall that was plastered on the event. If you look at it like an ordinary wall clock, there is nothing special at all. But I learned a valuable lesson from the wall clock. Why? Because the wall clock continues to rotate even though no one else sees it, the wall clock continues to rotate even though it is not appreciated and thanked. From this, I just understood that no matter how difficult the situation I was in, I had to be able to accept responses from other people sincerely, whether it was joy or sorrow. Although many negative judgments come to me, I consider it as self-correction so that I can do better things and also keep doing good.

I have to be more accepting of the reality in life. What I do must have consequences, both positive and negative. Sometimes, what I want works out the way I want it to. But it would be wiser if I could accept whatever happens as a result of the work I do. As happened last week, when my work was not appreciated and belittled, I learned an important lesson that I can keep in my memory.

I also want to be a useful person. I want to be useful and can ease the burdens of other people's lives. It will surely be a satisfaction to my heart when I can help others wholeheartedly. I once asked myself, do I have to be smarter than other people to be useful and useful? Not. Helping other people's burdens I can start from the smallest, such as being a good listener or paying attention to others will help lighten their burdens. I think so. I believe if we help others, then we will get something in return for what we have done.

I have to correct myself more often so that I know where I am lacking. not only me, we all have flaws. Nobody is perfect. By realizing that, I also have to be able to accept the shortcomings of others. We all make mistakes, whether it's big mistakes or small mistakes. But many of us cannot accept the faults of others. We are so upset and angry when a teammate makes a mistake. We can also be the cause of an error in group work. It would be better if a friend made a mistake, notified and helped to fix it. Because the team must work together and need each other.

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