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They can't stop us all

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8 months ago

"They can't stop us all."

Well, that depends.

How come is it that rather than charging the fences to overpower the few, there is compliance? Well, perhaps because these days, there aren't the same physical fences of the past and instead, there are financial boundaries and social restrictions that can be applied from far and, with a high degree of precision.

The reason they can do this, is because the money we have, is not ours, it is theirs and as such, they can essentially do what they like with it. If for example everyone tried to get "their" money out of the bank at the same time, it would collapse the banking system, so they don't allow this. In many countries, it is illegal to deface money also (write on it) or destroy it, like burning it to light a cigar.

While there is strength in numbers and they can't jail us all, what stops us from banding together is the fear that the one that gets caught and punished, will be me.

Just my luck.

There is also the problem of decentralization of numbers too, which makes it safer in many ways, but it also makes it very difficult to organize ourselves and collaborate in great enough numbers at the local level.

So, we stand behind the fences, dreaming of living free and having control of the direction of our financial lives, but not actually doing much toward that end. If we do anything, it is to abide by the rules in the hope that we are one of the few who successfully survive and thrive - playing their game, with their rules, and their pieces.

If you can't opt out of the system you are in, you are not free, and this is precisely where we are in terms of the fiat economy - prisoners. And while it is easy to say "it is just money" in this jail, without that money, life can be incredibly hard and physically violent. Money doesn't buy happiness, but poverty is the breeding ground for all kinds of conflict that hold us back.

All of the global conflicts enacted between governments are about wealth and power at the core - all of them. There is no such thing as a war over oil, or a religious war and, there never has been. It is all about controlling the value and flow of resources.

However, for the 99% to show up and stay in conflict with each other, they distribute and nurture a narrative that we are all so different, so how can we live in peace, how can we work together?

Instead, we watch each other, talk about each other, look at each other through the barbed fences and be thankful that we are on this side of the fence. Yet, we fail to realize, we are all prisoners of the same system, all suffering for the same reasons, oppressed by the same few hands - just hoping that we can get a pat on the head for obeying orders and have a few table scraps thrown to us.

They can stop the few of us.

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Written by   26
8 months ago
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Amazing, this is what most people don't understand. The government value your violence and discomfort. That is why it never ends, more violence means more money for the government and the wealthy business men. I wish more people will get this.

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8 months ago