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The Two-Legged Mouse

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7 months ago
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How can it feel so good but at the end of the day I felt guilty? Everyone now knows not to look further when it went missing in the house. They knew they have a mouse who is capable of moving around the house without necessarily walking with her hands. The two-legged mouse is what they called me sometimes.

I could not even be bothered as long as they keep on buying me groundnut.

I have heard most people say their guilty pleasure is chocolate or cake, they can eat these two like their life depends on them. This is not me in any form as I hate anything that comes with a lot of sugar. Sugary foods do give me hemorrhoids, I can't even take up to three bottles of coke drink in a week even if my life depends on it.

Whereas, I have a cousin whose main food is a coca-cola drink like her entire being depends on it. She can not go a day without it. But she never for once get hemorrhoids. *Hmmm, you see, this life is not balanced at all* lol

My mom knows better never to put her bottle of groundnut where my eyes can see it. As in I can't help myself around it. Even when I knew it was meant for the whole house, the only remedy is for me not to set my eyes on it.

One 75cl bottle of groundnut can not last two days in my hand, do I feel great when I eat it? Yes, I always feel great, then while the guilt?

My facial skin is allergic to groundnut, I don't buy them but they never stop to be bringing them home. if I should consume a handful of it in the morning before noon, pimples will start coming out of my face. Then the guilt will start setting in.

But don't worry too much about my pretty face, I have gotten myself a home remedy that works like magic.

What is the remedy?

In my quest to be able to eat what I love 'groundnut' without damaging my facial skin, it has led me into discovering one home remedy that the cosmetic industry won't be happy I know of, before this I spent a lot of money looking for a product that clear my face of pimples to no avail until I read somewhere online of 'Tumeric and pawpaw' face mask.

I tried it and my face has never remained the same with pimples. It is very simple you know, I have gotten myself a plastic of turmeric powder in the house, and always kept a slice of pawpaw inside the freezer. All I have to do is take a pinch of the turmeric powder, mix it with a bit of pawpaw, use it as a face mask then wash it off after about eight minutes and my face is as fresh and glowing as a baby's skin 😊

I still feel guilty though as my husband has not learned never to keep the groundnut where my eyes will not see it. But the feelings I get every single time, supersede the guilt. Mostly he will ask me, 'babe I thought we still have some groundnut in the house'? I will just smile and said, I guess is no more. And we will laugh over it.

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Thank you for your attention, do have a beautiful time at your end

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Written by   26
7 months ago
Topics: Writing, Write, Life, Mouse, Mind, ...
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