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Setting goals require a strong mental attitude.

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7 months ago

Having a strong mental attitude will help one set goals and follow through with them. The three important keys to having a happy life are contentment, happiness, and a good attitude.

We can achieve life-changing success by focusing on our work and expanding boundaries and responsibility. We do not have the option of letting things go or surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel happy in all they do.

One man rises from his bed of disappointment and failed dreams to become successful. He was so busy pursuing his passions at university that he focused on negative things instead of successes and ultimately missed out on gaining an education after his lifetime school goal (all due to family breakdown). Instead of dwelling upon this failure for too long, he decides to prove people wrong who told him it would be impossible to make it without a degree by writing a book.

A lot of people put in hours for their own contentment. Some employees want to be happy at work and some don’t, but what’s rare is the approach of contentment which involves a full demand on oneself, something that speaks that they are looking forward to better opportunities outside of work rather than focusing on only their workplace.

An employee stressing themselves too much might result in “work burnout”, exhaustion, or dissatisfaction with what’s happening at work and how things are going. This can lead them to be less happy from an owner's perspective.

In this age of technology that has also come along with a lot of distractions from work and people rotating between just work and play, it is becoming harder and harder to put in enough effort even when achieving the best results sometimes. Our attitude in life depends on our strength to conquer any challenge.

It is true that if individual aims for long-term outcomes; like in the case of sustainable living, workplace wellness, and altruistic endeavors, the success can be beyond measure. However, many times people don't take these intentions into consideration when they're figuring out their goals but simply decide on what they need and what makes them happy now.

An important takeaway from this article is relating happiness to sustainable living rather than material goods such as experiences or trophies. There are also key points about being able to deal with failure through learning and the value of a healthy lifestyle. "Harvard University's clinical psychologist Shawn Achor has discovered that adding just one simple element to daily activities can dramatically improve happiness.

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For every person, happiness must be achieved, creating a balance between concentration and being happy. One way of achieving happiness, however, is lowering the expectations for what life can do for you. Taking this approach, you open yourself and your future to more possibilities.

Allowing others to struggle for a little financial stability may bring some of them closer to happiness because they will be more willing to work than if they were left out of the struggles in the first place.

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Written by   26
7 months ago
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