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Lust on the train

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2 months ago

An erotic style story that immerses us in the romance of a young couple, after eloping from a prom to live a lustful night inside a train bound for France.

  Despite warnings from Jennifer's parents, the two young people decide to elope tonight after prom. After almost a year of maintaining an exciting love affair that overflowed their senses with every encounter, these two soul mates felt the sexual impulse exalted far beyond their adolescent hormones, both experienced a magical attraction that exploded from within them every time they were close, to the point of feeling an inexplicable glow in their blood that burned their nerves just by touching their hands.

  Ursón knew that the opportunity to amalgamate love, much more than just a warm kiss in the classroom, had finally arrived. So, with his beloved's consent, he planned a whole sequence of actions in secret, to leave the dance without anyone noticing and head for a love nest, where they could break down the barriers of decorum. While the 80s disco music was playing in the background, announcing the beginning of the crazy hour at the party, the two lovers escaped through the back door of the hall, where they had already prepared a change of clothes and two bicycles that would allow them to get away from the school.

  After a few minutes of riding, they parked the improvised hand-operated vehicles at the city's main railroad station, where they boarded a tourist express bound for France. The trip would provide them several hours with a comfortable cabin and a pleasant ride, enjoying the multicolored, flower-filled landscapes of the European countryside in this spring season. A first classroom on the railroad welcomes them, with all the comforts that luxury can pay for with a student's savings, the smell of fresh red roses adorning the small table on the side of the room, invades Jennifer's mind along with the fine details of the surprise, which also include; 2 packages of chocolate chocolates; a bottle of French-style sparkling wine and a box; delicately placed on the white silk sheets of the bed, where a set of intimate apparel, adorned with lace and fiery red rhinestones, is displayed.

   The girl takes the lingerie set in her hands and delicately placed it on her beautiful face, feeling the softness of the cold satin fabric, which causes her such intense joy that makes her eyes shine, while she throws her boyfriend a mischievous and exciting smile, biting part of her lips, then hiding for a few seconds her gaze while she takes a deep breath, making sure that everything is real, and she is not among the clouds in the sky. Ursón slowly hugs her from behind and with words in a low tone of voice, he says into her ear as he caresses her:

— Welcome to the best night of your life!

  She shudders, intimidated and trembling with the desire to discover new experiences in her sexuality, while the powerful arms of her boyfriend, captain of the soccer team, press her against his chest, whispering soft romantic phrases, at the same time he brushes his lips against her neck, moving down to her breasts. Slowly, he turns her over, leaving them face to face, radiating a majestic love that is demonstrated with a deep and unbridled kiss like never before, introducing his tongue to play inside the sensual mouth with thin lips of this blonde girl, who is about to succumb to unbridled carnal desire. Ursón begins to unbutton her pale blouse, which was confused with the blushing skin of his beautiful girlfriend, when she showed him her rigid, first-time nipples, majestically crowning round, small breasts, which harden more and more, with each caress, unleashing hot rivers that overflow into her crotch, shuddering all her senses.

  An instinctive nervous reaction makes her jump unexpectedly, before falling surrendered to the desire flowing from within her, heating her whole body. Confused as to how she can make amends for the mistake that, for a few seconds, disconcerted the romantic atmosphere in which they were entangled. Jennifer puts her hand on the beefy chest of her armored knight, to feel his firm musculature and with an affectionate gesture, she comes closer brushing his nose, and tells him with a sensual voice:

— A little slower, please.
— I want to dress properly and debut the clothes you gave me.

  The girl goes to the bathroom for a few minutes to change her attire, while the excited boy tries to placate his desire with a glass of wine, so as not to erupt like a volcano in the Pacific and ruin the romantic evening. Sitting on the bed he begins his endless wait, as all the memories cascade into his mind from the first day he discovered the new student lost among the corridors, it was a boundless attraction that united them, like a piece of metal to a magnet, despite not knowing each other beforehand, something strange without a doubt. It is inexplicable how such a beautiful girl, was hidden for so long in a family on the outskirts of the locality, without attending formal education or events of the town's teenagers, finding her without a doubt, was a needle in a haystack.

  Scratching his confused neck, rambling in his ungraceful mind, the footballer recalls what, at all times, they had to keep their relationship a secret from Jennifer's family. Especially from the father, who became quite violent every time he even saw him near her, reiterating to her many times to stay away from his daughter, or he would pay the consequences. He constantly thought that he was exaggerating his role of protective dad, but looking at things closely, it was more than logical, since he had hidden her from everyone's sight for years, until Jennifer appeared that day in the halls and Urson found her, to fall madly in love with her, being willing to do anything to keep his love forever. So it was proved today and even more when he asks her to be his wife after everything happens, with the ring hidden under the pillow. The sound of the bathroom door opening, pulls the young man violently out of his cloud of memories, to draw a big smile on his face, as he admires the work of art displayed before his eyes.

  Jennifer is wearing the erotic garter belt that she chose with so much detail in the wedding store, which fits perfectly to her slender body, highlighting the curves of her waist, which open the way to her voluptuous rounded buttocks of smooth and smooth skin. The girl walks towards him slowly, captivating, she lets herself fall on the bed on her back, opening her legs slowly while her bud emerges, showing itself moistened with heavenly nectar between the fine mesh fabric of the panties, adding itself as one more flower, to the spring landscape. She vibrates with every caress, as the young man climbs her body to ride in her loins for a long time, until, suddenly, he realized that Jennifer stopped breathing for no apparent reason, tears of blood escaping from her eyes that slid down her spectacular satiny face until they met the disturbing expression of happiness that reflected on her lifeless lips and that he would remember forever. The railroad doctors determined that the girl died of a stroke during the sexual act when a congenital aneurysm burst inside her brain.

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Written by   26
2 months ago
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