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An experience that turned my life around for good.

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7 months ago
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We all have had one experience in life that has changed our mindset completely from what it used to be, I sometimes imagine why life can't teach its lessons without us experiencing some heartbreaks. The experiences aren't always equally bad for everyone, some happen hard and some soft but it is left to us to pick the lessons life taught us through the experience.

I was jobless for about 3 years after school, everything in my thoughts then was getting a job. I believed that everything I needed then was a job to have a better life, I walked lots of kilometers every day in search of jobs, I had lots of funny and sad experiences attached to my job hunt then. I was introduced to Steemit then but I didn't value it, I enjoyed writing but I didn't know crypto blogging could give me any life changing opportunity.

I fell into depression because of my joblessness, I hated having people cater for me and I finally got a job on probation. I was employed as a sales agent for a food-producing company but the job lasted for three days, I made the highest sales among the people hired on probation, and it made them offer me the role of supervisor on probation as well.

I thought I will be staff quickly but it didn't happen until after 8 months, I felt like quitting because I wasn't getting enough pay but I didn't quit, I pushed on. During the company end of the year party, my boss told his superiors about my effort and I was staffed.

The struggle didn't get easier even though a few bucks were added to my pay and I understood that you get paid for the stress. A lot happened in between, my health deteriorated badly, and I almost lost my leg. My life was only about the job, I get so stressed to do anything else and was gradually losing connection to the things I loved.

I gave my best to the job and helped a lot of people in the company. I was after results, I went outside the company policy to ensure we meet targets and others. I wanted a promotion while building a strong team, I ran into debt and had to dig into my savings to clear them just to keep a good record and reputation in the company.

Covid-19 came, the company sales dropped really badly. The company asked for people who would join them in driving sales during the period and I joined. It was risky but I had to because I wanted to see the company growing despite its negative effect on me.

The lockdown was lifted to some extent and work resumed, I went to work on that fateful day like every other day. I went to the field as usual when I got a call from HR, he said: "George, you should return to the office".

He sounded unusual because he is someone I interact with a lot since I was picked on the first probation job. I got to the office and the look on his face said a lot of words, he consoled me before breaking the news. I was hurt because I looked back at the sacrifice I have made for people getting into the company and the company itself. They contacted all my distributors to know if I was owing, I was cleared by everyone. They had to let go because the company didn't want supervisors again, I understood their game; already, I was the last supervisor standing for about 6 months. They wanted to cut down the company expenses and the supervisors weren't doing anything to them but they were wrong.

I said to myself while handing over the company properties with me that, it was time to invest in myself. The first two months were rough because I was affected mentally, my savings wouldn't sustain me for long and I felt like the two years and few months were a waste but after looking deeply, helping over 15 youths secure a job then made me happy even though few of them got me into trouble.

The HR reach out to me later, the company saw the importance of the supervisors but it was late because I already understood that I do not own the business and could be kicked off any moment in life. The experience I had on the last day touched me, I got emotional hearing people saying good stuff about my style of work.

I picked up myself and decided to do what I loved, I started dreaming of owning my business and blogging was the only option I had to fulfill the dreams since I was passionate about writing. I am still a work in progress but I currently work on a farm in which I am in charge and it the freedom it gives me to do other things in life is huge which I appreciate a lot.

I have been without an 8am - 5pm job since mid-2020 and God has been good to me, being able to do the things I love while earning a living has made me a different human. 8am -5pm job will put food on my table but will it help me fulfill my dream?, what if the next job kicks me out again then it means I will start from scratch again.

I am glad I took the lessons life thought me seriously and lived by me, I discovered a new me and I love my life.

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Written by   26
7 months ago
Topics: Life, Learnes, Read, Blog, Story, ...
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That's what we called perfect time, if you can't get what you want now its not your time yet. Thing's which is meant for you will come in the right place and right moment. 😀

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7 months ago