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There is always a first time for everything and the fear of the unknown often draws up anxiety which builds up stress. The news of welcoming a new infant into the family and the general world comes with mixed feelings especially for new moms. This tends to build up the stress level of the intending mom causing an estrogen imbalance.

On a regular day estrogen imbalance causes weight gain in the hips and waist. With pregnancy, estrogen causes weight gains which demands more than the normal water intake which tends to act as a support for the growing embryo, fetus and placenta. It's very important to properly hydrate your body as fluids are required to kayak roll the vitamins and essential nutrients in your body to the fetus to grow healthy. But most times, the required amount of needed glasses of water is overspent and causes the body mass to expand and results to bloating.

Bloating opens the body to gestational weight gain. Gestational weight gain is a normal body change and weight gain that occurs during the period of conception and birth of an infant, it is also a natural response to accommodate the growing fetus.

And as the fetus keeps growing the body mass stretches a few tapes requiring more body fluids, the body gains extra weights and love handles, also leading to swollen-tender breast, swollen pregnancy bumps, swollen arms, feets and thighs. This tends to inteprete to the mind fatigue, tiredness and the demand for more rest comes into the forefront.

And with rest those used to be-perfectly sculpted abs loses its thickness even further all the way to months after the birth.

Often times the extra weight gained during pregnancy still remains after birth, this tends to cause postpartum stress as the new mom desires to get her perfect body back. This tends to lead to mood swings and depression thus leading to an eating binge season. And with no right education and knowledge of the required food and nutritional supplements, the postpartum weight retention stays even longer.

Love your postpartum body, take things slowly and have a realistic weight loss plan and calendar.

You probably thinking breastfeeding would use up a lot of calories right? Well you not far from the truth, but a close neighbor is the prolactin hormone which stimulates appetite causing a craving to consume even more food. And as such there is an imposing careless abandon that rents the space in regards to cart shopping for the essential grocery and nutritional needs, thus promoting the already existing postpartum weight retention.

Studies suggest that women in their 30s or 40s are more likely to experience more postpartum weight retention than women in their 20s. And that women in their 30s are more likely to get back to their pre-pregnancy body in 18 months.

However, even at such instance the shredding Lbs tend not to come as fast as it maybe desired. And with the drive to make a U-turn to size zero and a perfect cup size, impatience builds up, and the high and low parabolic estrogen ying-yang recycle starts again thus receding the postpartum weight retention even further.

This thus call for a healthy correction of the charts before it goes into a completely unhealthy all time high, leading to obesity which makes the body prune to high body sugar including non-cancerous growth in the breast.

The first call option at this point is to create a relaxing atmosphere to speed down your constantly thought pressurized stress and anxiety. You had think sitting in a spot doing nothing will literally drift you into a lotus of calmness, it doesn't. Did you know that drinking just plain hot tea tends to stimulate the brain into grinding slowly to a break thus opening up the body to acquire stillness of mind.

Did you also know that you can perfect this calmness of mind by meditating? Your body is constantly swirling around with thoughts and energy. Meditation is a way of opening your chakra gates, probably known as specific nerve endings to release the negative thoughts and energy out, thus bringing your body and mind to a state of calmness.

Reaching a state of Nirvana is a peaceful climax for the soul, it helps to keep you in a constant bubble of healthy-positive thoughts. Less negativity and less stress induces faster recovery to losing those extra post pregnancy baby fat.

Choosing to follow up with yoga exercises and stretches is pretty much very important at this point in time. It may not seem like it, but yoga stretches and exercises are good faucets to burn fats and calories. Well it may not necessarily dice down your Lbs quickly but it definitely shreds down a few pounds every stretch.

One of the good things about yoga exercises is that it fits your body into a perfect riddim ushering in a mood swing fix as it creates room to comfortably breathe in between stretches and exercises. You need not go shopping for some pricey synth-stretched spandex accentuated sports bra and yoga pants, a simple comfy lyrca pants and cotton fabric embellished top will do just about fine.

Yoga mats will be a bare essential of course to help keep you in good standing against friction of falling flat on your face and tummy. At this stage can't really tell if the use of tummy tuckers, waist trainers (cinchers) or tummy resistance utility belts would be a much welcoming addition. But definitely a welcome guest further paths down the road to being sculpted into the perfect hour glass figure.

To get our yoga on, would probably require starting with the Prana flow (Pranayama), this is a yoga posture that involves you sitting in a lotus position of crossed legs and both hands half way stretched up till your lower arms come into an eased down arc at both elbows. This posture allows you to tilt your movements from left to right without putting too much movement into your middle back. You can also decide to modify the position into just one hand at a time, half stretched upward to arc downwards to the opposite side of the body and opposite hand folding into a downwards 90° to support the stomach, arching upward hands should be in sync with the direction you tilt your body to for perfect riddim.

Prana flow tightens your entire core including your pelvic floor, back and hips. Other than it's breathing moderation helping to release stress, it also helps to tighten your abs, strengthen the lower back, improve stamina and strength.

You can follow up the Prana flow closely with Plank Vinyasa. Plank Vinyasa positions you into an all four doggy position which slowly builds into a stretched out left feet parallel to a triangle forming arched knee press to your elbows allowing your spine to be in direct line of sight with your shoulders so as to accommodate the incoming stomach contraction to build stronger stamina and strength.

Next in line is the Locust Pose (Salabhasana), the locust pose takes a pose of lying body straight flat to the mat, which slowly builds into a lift of chest, face and legs off the mat with hands stretched backwards. This position contracts the stomach and thus helps to build deep back core strengths and relieves the lower back and upper body strain.

Following closely would be the Pelvic Tilt, this probably one of the most relaxing yoga positions. Pelvic tilt positions you to lying flat down on your mat with your back to the floor, which slowly builds into an uneven triangle posture demanding your legs arched into a 45° peak to accommodate for a push of the body upwards. For a better result, lay your hands down straight synced in direct line with your falcrum positioned feets while you tilt your waist upwards. This helps to strengthen the upper back, the lower back, hips and legs including the pelvic floor.

The pelvic tilt opens way to the Legs Wide Pose, it starts off with your back flat against the mat, both legs kicked into the air to form an L shape fairly spread apart, one hand stretched in between both legs and the other to the back of the neck to easily accommodate the push of the upper back upwards. This upward squeeze of the upper body to the stomach allows for a tummy contraction and helps to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles and stretches the hamstring.

Pushing forward you can transform into the Scissors Pose, the basic is still the same, that is positioning your back flat against the floor with both legs and arms upwards. Then you pick either the left side of your body or right side and as such sync the movements of your body to going in the same riddim pattern tilting to the same direction slightly downwards. For the scissors pose to get an effective result, it's important that the neck and shoulders are slightly and comfortably lifted off the mat. This helps to improve the hips and spine flexibility and at the same time strength the deep abdominals of the core.

For motivation, you might also try out the alternative hacks to post pregnancy baby fat loss on Freelethics training coach-bodyweight fitness.

And always remember to have a good repeat pattern of every yoga stretch from the Pranayama Asana to the scissors pose between 5 to 10 reps each, and remember to have a good in between-stretch breathing distribution and exchange of inhales and exhales to get the best results.

Burning calories without also balancing it off with a perfect dietary nutriance intake is a recipe for prolonged goal crushing gratification.

Studies suggest that in order to maximize your yoga stretches and road to recovery it's vital that you lean towards low fat meals such as low fat dairy products, protein rich meals such as poultry, fibre rich meals such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain meals. Including a reduction in red meat consumption and little or no consumption of oil oversaturated meals.

Thanks for reading, and remember to always find time to create a peaceful-calming environment for yourself. Plus putting in a good workout, relaxation and meditation combo for self.

The road to recovery begins with your mind, have a good start there and the rest will take care of itself.

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I found you from noise... i gave birth 7 months ago and this is a good input to get my prepregnancy bod

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Thanks, so how is the transformation back to your pre-pregnancy body coming along though 😊

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