A Working Title ~ Bronx The City That Never Sleeps

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It's five O'clock in the morning, the silence of the night is broken by the sound of the alarm clock. Eyes still sleepy, body slowly drags itself out of bed. Thoughts of taking a cold shower sends chills down the spine before the turn on of the shower. Few trinkles of droplets later thoughts dashes between what to eat, slowly the tick of the clock reminds. Short is time, busy is the commute.

Stepping out into the dim lit streets, the beast slowly awakens from it's misty dreams. Blinding bokeh of head lights flashing through the thin air. The honking of cars gradually tearing through the air like a roar.

A clandestine pull off the veil, light breaks through the silk fabric revealing tiny little stumping feets, racing through the cross roads towards a stampede of abrasively brushing shoulders. Engulfed in a labyrinth of poignant fragrances, a rhythm of tapping shoes are heard a far through the descent down the subway.

With the hiss of smoke the train sets a run down the tunnel till the next terminal stop. A few hops the stairs reveal a fully awakened beast, the mechanical synth leads of man-hole drills reeks through the air. The yellow zebra stripes zip lining through the busy streets, the slight jingles of open door bells chime through the air.

Sound buzzing off to a clock in log through, a stern stir slowly rides into view. Words not said, but a message conveyed. Pushing through the glass door awaits a stack of Friday left over paper work. A quick dial on the teleprompter, demands a rough tossle of papers to find.

Staggering through the door, slowly finding footing through the puzzles of 4x4 cubic box spaces. A wave down the hall signaling urgency, bumping into a coffee tray, carrier slowly turns and mimes a Colombia neck tie. The thundering of files on the desk swipes the view back to an awaiting eager face.

Hands hanging in the balance awaiting the drop of paper work, eye catches the coffee stain, slowly expressions foams into question marks. Phew comes a sigh, a swing of the head and palm to head. A gaping lagoon takes shape but is quickly swallowed in a shark jaw. Get back to your office rents the air, feets dragging against the floor meets a familiar roll back chair.

Slamming into the chair triggers a click on the HP Keys, an eagerly anxious beep meets a blink clearly stating you have 1050 unread emails is stamped on the screen. Eyeballs orbiting through its milky way, the nebulla ice cream truck WTF jingles echoes down every line of thought. A two round trip spins of the chair initiates an arrival back to reality. A caress of the orb spores up excitement, a scroll down the list of emails sets the day in motion.

A few click throughs meet nothing actually interesting except for an e-vite to the Mary Dubois Gala night. Ctrl + L puts the screen to sleep, the rustling sounds of paper rents the air. A few scribbles of ink and a call out to the assistant takes the scene. Door bust opens, a dash through the door meets a tall 6'0 silhouette with goldy locks hair.

Struggles to get out of the intoxicating bliss suddenly faced with becomes even harder. Eyes falling straight at the middle of her bossoms, oh my God she must have seen the cherry blossoms go off on my cheeks. As she suddenly tilts her hair to the sides and plasters a breathtaking smile to her lips. The repeated echos of Sir slowly gains recognition, is every thing ok sir is mumbled through a sing song ballad.

A few shifts on the chair gradually puts perspective back in check, are there any appointments today sir she sings a quick verse awaiting a duet. Trying to mumble up a rap but dabba dabba dabba mouths off this baby. Stuttering words form and it's followed with a quick lullaby. No, i jes wantin fi chek wehn is deh time fi di ting tank prujekt sit dong suddenly echoes out. A string in a(n) chord her metallic guit rifts ballads i will find out. Back turned hands drawn to focus, suspense slow motion plays a stretching hand drifting to meet the departing hands.

A quick twist forward head down to ear, whispers of yuh di hye light af mi day breezes through her ears. With a soft smile, lips lay on lips, pressed against each other even harder. With a slow yet intense lock lips and tunnel looping tongues seconds slips away. And she mutters you just a tease, see you at home honey.

Silhouette image slowly straightens into a height, dabs at her shirt to brush off the ruffle squeeze and takes a flight off the door way with a slowly escaping sound of "te amo" trailing along her. Rustling after rustling the ticking clock reminds its lunch time. A buffett of all you can eat aura marinates the air, a quick carousel spin slowly drifts to a stop of choice, protein bars and shakes.

Pager beeps chimes in a reminder for the think tank project meeting, a rubbing of arms and a few soft flips of hands over face, comes crumbling down beard out food residues.

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep time slowly fades to 17h00. Buzzer going off to clipping sound of signing off stamp duty. Charter of zip lining car pools gaining volume every step further the path, eloping whistling of hikers trying to catch a lift takes tune. Soon the stampede is closed in, bruising shoulders hits target from every corner with every stride to the subway. A card swipe down the slot brings to view the fare, train door opens to a crowd of fully leased out seats. No cutsees, it's a stand ride all the way down the tunnel.

Flights up the stairs elopes into a sunsetting sky line, busy commute slowly unwinding into a few trodden footings. The night is young, a stroll down the paths elates strobing street lights, young loves clicking spoons to dinner wares. Slow soft music serenading the air, a few dispatch charter disrupts the silence. Arising noises come from the alleys, a couple of cats on a tag you it shenanigans.

Few zooms down the path a pack of dogs playing catch tails, triads down the block pushing keys. Bounce off lights slowly accentuating leathery cute mannequins on stilletos trying to get some night sting. The barber down the streets rolling down the shutters ready to lock, soft mourns and metallic buzzing sound rifts off the neighboring tattoo parlour.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, a familiar door opens to a recurring smiling 6'0 tall silhouette with goldy locks hair waving a come in sign. Door closes to a tight hug, followed with intense kisses on the lips, clothes tossles and footings later, bed crickling and crickling and crickling. A light escapes through the door way, some trinkling water droplets later, footings find their way back to the bed.

A quick soft brushing of hands through hair, and a few kisses, she closes her eyes and mutters "dulce sueƱos". Scene slowing fading into a black out as eyelids get heavy, no sooner does the 5 o' clock alarm buzzer go off again.

Welcome to the Bronx the city that never sleeps, the cycle continues.

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