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My Presentation in READ-CASH

Hello readers of, I come from a place not far away called steemit, with the intention of sharing my stories with all of you, a new adventure in which I am embarking, and I want to tell you that this is due to having recently met the network where my husband is, is

Motivated by my experience as a blogger, I felt driven to spread my content on this platform.

My name is Daniela Medina, I am 46 years old, I was born in Caracas, a city with a special climate, in December the temperature is low, but always extremely pleasant, this thanks to the fact that the majestic Cerro El Ávila surrounds us, surely many will know it, but now I live in Barcelona, ​​Edo. Anzoategui, Venezuela. I graduated with a degree in Preschool Education at the José María Vargas University in Caracas, I love God above all things, I am married and I have 2 beautiful children, a 12-year-old teenager and an 11-year-old male, I live for my family, I strive to be a better person every day and do my best to be a good mother and wife.

I have worked in many preschools while living in Caracas. In 1999, I moved from Caracas to the eastern part of the country, for 22 years I have lived in the city of Barcelona, ​​Edo. Anzoátegui, here my family and I opened a preschool where I was the director for 20 years, currently I work independently since due to the country's situation in Venezuela in the health, economic, social, cultural and political aspects we had to close the school, and he trusted God that favorable changes would be made for the people and we could all have a good quality of life, we have seen ourselves in many needs due to the generalized inflation of prices of basic consumer foods and unemployment in the area of ​​the country where alive.

I am characterized by being humble, funny, curious, kind and enterprising, always looking for new goals, new projects ...!, If there is something in which I consider myself greedy it is in knowledge, I love to study and learn new things every day, reading is very important to me. Thanks to @lanzjoseg, today I am part of this great content generating community, thanks to them for all the patience and kindness in taking the time to explain us in detail. I love cooking, crafts, nutrition and healthy meals.

Why am I so motivated and positive? Why don't I care too much if I get points or not? It is because I seek more self-improvement than obtaining rewards. But I'm not a hypocrite to say I don't want it if I want it and need it.

I participated in other communities that are dedicated to many topics, artificial intelligence, business, science, motivation, food, mom topics, education, animals in general and cryptocurrencies. So from time to time I will be chatting in my posts on these topics.

My intention is to find the support of all the people who read my content in this place, create strong bonds and entertain me in the process, and that you have fun and interact with me and the rest of the community.

I am not a professional in writing and need more experiences so I would love to have your feedback, criticism, feedback and suggestions. There are times when I would not be able to answer these, because I am busy with my obligations as a mother and wife,

Starting today, I'm making lists of topics that I want to write. And I want it to be as interesting and inspiring as possible for readers.

This is how I start to develop my skills, especially when I am new to a certain community. I start with myself. And then watch ... Then mix it up.

Every day is an inspiration, every day can be a good thing to talk about and that's one of my strategies. Talk about my daily life.

Right now, I am challenging myself to write better, more informative articles to share. Soon I will be able to talk about things beyond myself. I think I can do it.

Well that would be my little description, I hope to make good friends around here and have a good time, I appreciate you. Thanks! Stay safe and stay alive.

Greetings to all.

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