Earn BTC and ETH from your mobile device!

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3 years ago

Hey guys today I have some good info for mobile device to earn free crypto! You do need a coinbase account for withdrawals.

All you have to do is watch videos, which can range from 10-30 seconds, and you will earn "points" in the app. You can cash out your points for BTC / ETH every 3 days. It doesn't provide very large payouts, but it all adds up together :)

Best part is you can watch as many videos as you want per day. After 6000 points earned there is a 30 min cool down period.

Please use my referral code when signing up for a points bonus!

BFast BFree App (Earn bitcoin) - REF ID 6NSIU9

EFast EFree App (Earn ethereum) - REF ID 7ZX9FN

If you do not have a coinbase account, and are willing to complete the KYC process, message me for an invite, and I can send you EARN links to make $40USD FREE CRYPTO!

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