When Reason Dims, What's the Price?

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Humans are creatures that can reason. This all happened, thanks to millions of years of evolution that developed the structure of the brain. The newest part of the brain, namely the Prefrontal Cortex, is here to provide reasoning abilities for humans. With this, humans can analyze the situation, consider it rationally and make decisions that suit their needs.

With this ability, humans can survive. The human physique is weak compared to other creatures. Nature tends to be cruel to the weak. However, with the power of reason, and the ability to work together, humans can survive amid the ferocity of nature.

With reason, humans can develop culture. Literary and artistic works developed in various parts of the world. Magnificent buildings stand tall adorning the land and mountains. Humans are also the dominant creatures on this earth.

Unfortunately, because of hundreds of years of colonialism (from the Netherlands, England, Japan, the New Order to the Order of the Oligarchy), common sense in my country did not develop. Education kills common sense and critical attitude. our nation can only be a nation of obedient and mindless followers. Poverty and ignorance spread so fast and so deep here.

What's the Price to Pay?

When reason dims, what is the price to pay? There are seven important things. First, the religion of death is widespread here. The religion of death is a religion that kills culture, creates conflict, and destroys the weak, especially women and children. The religion of death perpetuates the ignorance of its people with unreasonable teachings that are heretical and outdated.

Two, state policies are not appropriate to develop their people. Foreign influences, especially from the Middle East, entered the local wisdom. The economy is controlled by a handful of greedy and corrupt people. Religion, with its false offer of heaven, becomes a shield of justification for all the irregularities that exist.

Three, with time, we have become increasingly filthy and poor. The capital that is getting destroyed is drowned by greed and the destruction of nature. An island that is sinking deeper into slums and poverty. In the midst of it all, a few people steal treasures and become rich amid the poverty of hundreds of millions of people.

Fourth, a nation whose reasoning dimly stutters in the face of a crisis. The crisis is part of national and global politics. Crises, ranging from economic crises, environmental crises to pandemics, always hit so hard and created so many victims. A nation with dim reasoning, like us, will continue to be rocked violently by the crisis, until it is destroyed.

Five, in the relentless crash of crisis, nostalgia was born. The past seems more beautiful. A nation with dim reasoning will glorify the past while forgetting to build both the present and the future. The invitation to think and dress like an old-fashioned person was strengthened.

Sixth, with the dim of reason, democracy becomes flawed. Elected leaders tend to be corrupt and shallow. They only care about false image and appearance. Placing banners is more important than real work achievements to build the nation.

Seven, the dim of reason will destroy the nation. We have seen examples in Middle Eastern countries. Politics, religion, and the economy are managed with dim reasoning. Until this moment, the Middle East continues to be hit by endless bloody conflicts.

Why Dim Reason?

There are three basic reasons. First, the reasoning of a nation is dim, because its people are cowards to think critically. They are enslaved by traditions and religions that kill beauty and destroy the order of living together. Cowardice to think critically will spread a religion of death that destroys the fabric of living together.

Two, the lack of reason is the fruit of the low quality of education. The quality of education here is very, very low. Its officials do not understand education and continue to make destructive policies. As a result, education here is finished off by religious radicalism, which fools and impoverishes the nation.

Three, our nation is poor in exemplary from society. There are no examples of good statesmen or public figures. Most are greedy, shallow, and trapped in religious radicalism. Forward-thinking and critical individuals tend to be marginalized.

These three things are not absolute. It has long been a disease of the nation. The elected leaders seemed unconcerned about this. It's time it stopped here. We must show civic courage to reason critically and soundly, especially in politics, economics, and religion.

We must have the courage to pressure the government to elect enlightened education officials. We must also have the courage to exercise social control over leaders who are corrupt and touched by religious radicalism. For too long this nation has been immersed in the darkness of common sense. Wake up!

The lead image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/5p-3r7kBhKc

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