We have to let go of something rotten

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Humans are unique creatures. On the one hand, they can be so enlightened and wise. The values ​​of life and the great civilization he built. However, on the other hand, they can be so mean and stupid. They can be so stupid in the face of decay. Something is destructive. However, they did it anyway. They didn't take it off. As a result, his life becomes chaotic and makes other people also restless.

Destructive But Maintain

There are five common examples. First, in politics, the culture of corruption, collusion, and nepotism threaten the integrity of the nation. The people became poor and divided. The country is in danger of being destroyed.

Two, in various organizations, the mental of reverence continues to be sustainable. Performance is ignored. What counts is praise and false bullshit against the boss. As a result, the organization is filled with sycophants, performance is chaotic, and ultimately also in danger of being destroyed.

Three, the religion of death also remains firmly held. This religion has damaged the noble culture of the nation, disrupted living together, killed innocent people, and made a fool of society. The religion of death also makes the nation poor for a long time. Amid various crises, due to the influence of the religion of death, we continue to sink further and further.

Four, we continue to curry favor with foreign nations. We miss investment, aka foreign capital injections. We forget our own nation's resources. Systematically, the government continues to impoverish its people with various misguided policies.

Five, overall, our nation is lazy to use common sense. We are ignorant in the face of decay. We silence the damage. Old problems have not been resolved, even bigger, while new problems have appeared before our eyes.

Why Are We Stupid?

There are five root causes. First, we don't think critically. We do not see any other possibility of the existing situation. We are trapped in destructive habits, in a corrupt culture, with neither the will nor the courage to question them.

Two, our nation is not used to learning. We are not used to digging for information that is based on common sense and a critical attitude. As a result, we remain stupid. We stay stuck in old destructive habits.

Three, the root of all this is the very, very low quality of education. Ministers and education officials do not understand the true nature of education. The content and education system that is built does not match the changing times in the 21st century. This makes us poor in common sense and critical reasoning so that we are unable to make the necessary changes. In the 21st century, we remain a stupid and poor nation, due to mismanagement.

Fourth, many people are already aware of the various damages that have occurred. However, they are afraid to change. They are afraid to speak up, because of the social pressures of death's culture and religion. They are afraid of being ostracized, or excluded, from social interaction, and even afraid of going to prison in a corrupt legal system.

Five, people who are aware of it are also often frightened by the threat of an empty hell. If you think well and think critically, say the proponents of the religion of death, people can go to hell. In fact, for thousands of years of the existence of religions, there is not a single real proof that hell exists. It is precisely those who spread the religion of death that make life in this world full of poverty and ignorance, like in "hell".

Then, how?

The solution is to reverse the five causes above. We must dare to question old habits. We must become human beings who continue to learn with common sense and a critical attitude. We must push for a total change in the content and system of education in Indonesia towards the development of a critical attitude, common sense, and the sharpening of conscience.

We must have the courage to face social pressures. We must be agents of change in our families and our work. We must have the courage to reject the false teachings of the religion of death. For too long this nation has been fooled and impoverished by the religion of death. On the other hand, we must dare to develop the religion of life, namely a religion that is culturally friendly, educates the people, is fair to women, and builds peace in living together.

A fool is like eating rotten fruit but doesn't want to have a stomach ache. This is stupid. If extended, he could die and trouble many people. It's time we put an end to this stupidity. Wake up!!

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