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Returning the Dharma to the Archipelago

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3 months ago

About 1000 years ago, Indonesia was the home of knowledge. Many people from various nationalities come and study here. Of course, at that time, there was no Indonesia. At that time, Indonesia was a collection of several kingdoms that had wide political, cultural, and economic influence.

You could say, at that time, Nusantara, Indonesia, was a Dharma country. The eternal laws of nature are clearly described and applied in life. Man attains admirable moral, spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Our archipelago has become a magnet for wisdom seekers.

Dharma is not just a matter of theory. It is a view of life that must be a daily action. It not only gives birth to understanding but also true wisdom and happiness. It brings people to deliverance from the sufferings and sorrows of the world.

Everything is Temporary

However, the Dharma also states, that nothing lasts forever. Nobility must end when the time comes. Evil must also flourish when the time comes. The great kingdoms of the archipelago collapsed under civil war and colonization for more than 500 years. The archipelago has become a state of Adharma, namely a country, where ignorance and crime are rampant, until now.

Pantha Rei, everything flows. So said Herakleitos, one of the ancient Greek thinkers. Ignorance and evil are part of nature. So, he has the right to live and develop. The universe has a place for all, including those that are considered dilapidated and disgusting.

However, in 2021, we are fed up with stupidity and evil. We are tired of seeing politics filled with corruptors and religious radicals. We are saddened to see religion reduced to a tool to justify stupidity and conflict between people. In this 21st century, especially in 2021, Indonesia is in a Dharma emergency: we need Dharma as soon as possible.

Returning the Dharma to the Archipelago

The most important element of Dharma is living following reality as it is. This is deep in the traditions of Asian thought, especially from India and China. For that, two things become very important, namely common sense and clarity of conscience. Indonesian people need to sharpen their senses and listen to their conscience clear so that they can live together in a just and civilized way.

Two things would need to be done. First, Dharma views should be spread as widely as possible. We are lucky because we live in an era of rapid development of information and communication technology. We can search for data and share it immediately. Here, Dharma should be the top priority.

Two, Dharma is not just a theory, but a way of life. Thus, the Dharma practice community should be as wide open as possible. These communities must be supported in various ways so that they can plant the seeds of Dharma not only in the archipelago but also throughout the world. The seeds of Dharma are to train awareness, hone wisdom, develop love, common sense, and a clean conscience.

In a country pierced by ignorance and evil, the challenge of spreading the Dharma is indeed great. Even if it can be done, the fruit of success cannot be reaped immediately. What is sown now may only be reaped in future generations. However, here and now, we who are still alive must try our best. All for the safety of the universe.

We must keep in mind that returning Dharma to the Archipelago is a difficult task, but a very noble one. We should also continue to develop our insight and practice mindfulness under the umbrella of the Dharma. Sometimes, we fail and drift away in anger or stupidity for a moment. We just have to go back to the moment, and start again, without ever stopping.

Hopefully, the Indonesian Archipelago can return to being a Dharma House that brings peace to all creation.

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Written by   33
3 months ago
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