Emptiness and openness in spiritualism

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1 year ago

In the world of spiritualism, the ultimate goal is emptiness. Emptiness is not an object to be grasped. It is from this emptiness that we find openness. That way, the human mind will be open to everything. All concepts become silent, there is no longer good and bad, right and wrong, heaven and hell, merit and sin. There is only an open void.

To attain enlightenment, spiritualists can see the void. Like this world, only a void without a core. This world is constantly changing. This is mortality. So are we. It is always changing and nothing is permanent and complete. The self is also mortal.

If we think that the world and the self are real, then we are having an illusion. Because, for spiritualists, to think of the world and self as something real, then it is suffering.

Time goes on and changes. Everything will change both the world and the self. The ambitions we have in the world will surely disappear, the good and bad attitudes towards ourselves will also disappear.

If we realize that this world is only temporary and empty (impermanent), then we find inner peace and tranquillity. We are no longer enslaved to the temporary pleasures of this world.

Spiritualists recognize emptiness and openness in all things. If it is nearing death, the soul will be released from the body freely. Back to the universe with an open heart.

That is the essence of spirituality.

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Spiritualists like you do have their own way of achieving enlightenment.

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1 year ago

Thank you. There are many ways to attain enlightenment. For example, such as Al Hallaj who received enlightenment by unifying his feelings for God, or Schopenhauer who simplified his will to live life.

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1 year ago