What only the rich have

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We talked before about what poverty is, and we said that poverty is lack and need; That is, a person is not poor, even if his part of life is a piece of bread, as long as he does not feel need.

And need

We can easily see that in life someone has a job, money, family, and more, but they feel constant need, they hardly sleep because they think too much about what they do not have while they are with others, forgetting or forgetting the blessings they have. he has that he can't count Poor how he constantly needed what he didn't have.


Some may think that I am talking about an ideal or a utopia and that we all become ascetics in life, unwilling to enjoy it, but this is not the case, these are some accumulated conclusions.


The writer Al-Rafi'i, may God have mercy on him, said: Almighty God took the pleasures from the mouth of the rich and put them in the eyes of the poor, which means that the rich become acquainted with grace and they become pleasureless. , but the poor see it calm and wish if he had the same, and it is not hidden from you that we are rich, and others are rich too. Rich and poor are relative, and the only thing that makes you rich is the right of the rich . it's thanksgiving.


In my opinion, the gratitude for the blessing is the only thing that makes you rich, because in this article we have left some wonderful conclusions, we know that if a person does not appreciate the blessing, he will be filled with it and has become without pleasure, but rather aspires to more than him and may even hate him for his lack, and that there are those who are rich in human standards, but due to their constant feeling of need, they are at the peak of poverty As for giving thanks for grace, it is related with the most important thing found in man; Awareness.


Awareness in my own definition is: continuous knowledge, we all know that "money is not everything" as information, but the awareness of this phrase is that you know that knowledge of certainty every second, so this continuous knowledge appears in your behavior and in your entirety.

life, but what is the relation of consciousness to blessings?


Thanksgiving increases your awareness of all the blessings you have, helps you to count some of them and to think about what life would be like if you did not own them, when you close your eyes to say: Lord, thank God for the blessing of the view. , and thanks to God for the blessing of hearing, and thanks to God for the blessing of parents, and thanks to God for the blessing of Homeland, and thanks to God for the blessing of shelter, and thanks to God for the blessing of a good conduct. to tell something of what God has given you, remember how rich you are, and how blessed you are, and become aware of the blessings that you did not know, so that you can feel their pleasure again, and remember every time that whatever this blessing It was simple, because there are those who have their lives turned into torment by their absence, such as the ability to relieve themselves without pain, or walk on both feet.


Thank your Lord that gratitude for a blessing is a better blessing than that.


I ask God to grant you success in this world and in the hereafter.

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