"Life" comes from the inconvenience of technology

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1 year ago

We often say that technology changes life, and technology makes life easier and more convenient, but this is only viewed from one or several levels of people. Although it is also true, it is not perfect as a summary language.

In my country, the population of the elderly over 60 years old accounts for about 18-20%. According to the total number of 1.4 billion people, there are about 250 million or more elderly people, and most of them are definitely against today's technology. The application is very inappropriate.

Not to mention over 60 years old, as far as my mother is concerned, a mobile phone is enough for them to "burn their brains". It has been at least five or six years since she first came into contact with smartphones, and WeChat has been used for a few years, but so far she has not fully used WeChat.

For example, today she wanted to go to the supermarket, and then asked me in advance how to re-apply for the health code (because it needs to be verified once in a while), she said that she tried several times without success. However, in the process of helping her, I found that her "impossible mountain" was actually checking the read agreement.

For us, there may be a step of "checking the read" before using any APP, but for my mother, she does not have this common sense, and sometimes the eyes are easy to read small words, so that Such a small problem also became the reason why she could not go to the supermarket.

When my mother has problems in this area, I always feel a little sad, not to mention the old people who are still using the "bangbang machine".

You know, who is not quick-witted when they are young. In the past, when my parents were playing BP machines and my big brother was playing, I was in elementary school.

Therefore, I also hope that the current mobile phone applications, whether artificial intelligence, especially those applications that use a wide range of groups, can take into account the needs of the elderly during research and development.

I'm thinking that we'll be in our 70s and 80s one day, and there must be a lot of technology applications that I don't understand.

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