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1 year ago
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Who do I pay money to first?

Instead of paying others, the government first, and then paying yourself,
It is said that the habit of paying money to 'self' first provides an opportunity to plan a business as an 'additional income source' smarter about money.

The part of paying yourself first can mean that you set aside the amount of investment you want first and then think about it, or it can be a story of paying the education expenses for yourself earlier.

At the same time, I looked back at who I was spending money and time on first, and what preparations were being made for additional income and business. I remembered the troubles I felt while thinking about and trying on ancillary income and business in the past.
I thought it would be better if I did not enjoy this activity to the full.

I remembered what Robert Kiyosaki said in a book.
"Who likes fixing toilets? It's the real estate management job, so..."
Because people focus only on fixing the bathroom, they can't see the overall picture, the long-term picture. You need a far-sighted vision.

As long as I don't hate it too much, the 'necessary things' get better with time and get used to it.
Let's have an experience where you can learn sales, marketing, and the process of creating a community.

Even if the job I'm doing now is so good, I don't think my stamina will keep up with it in the future. We must prepare from now on. Even if I'm not the only one who enjoys it, I think I'll see the direction I want better if I gain experience by experiencing similar experiences. First of all, to catch a tiger, you have to go into the tiger's den.

A word that seizes opportunity, yes.
It is important to try it first.
Even if you fail once you do, there is still something left.
But if you do nothing, nothing happens.

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Topics: Life, Blockchain, Human, Metaverse, Power, ...