Financial Wellness Month: April

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I do not know for you but in the states this is the month you get your taxes together. Either you pay or ask for an extension to pay later. Usually if you talk about taxes in April it means you are doing something good. Usually many folks use the tax season for tax income. They may receive something back from the government. Lately with crypto arrival there is more to tax season.
In the US you have to pay on earnings with crypto.

If you hold your crypto, you are fine. Lately many platforms like exchangers will send to internal revenue when you sell crypto. I guess it is income for them unless you can prove your ins are lower than the out. It seems a little complicated. Nobody finds paying taxes amusing. At the same time when you respect yourself you need to pay your due and hope for the best.

April is a month of Spring. The weather is looking good. The day is longer with late sundown. You feel you have more time to chill. My problem is when it is night you have to hit the sheet.
April is giving us time to learn, inform and possibly educate yourself in the world of finance.
With crypto the arrays of learning is vast.
Alone through Hive blockchain there is so much to learn and find ways to maximize returns.

Every time I see the amount of Hive in existence is lower than 400 million it shows Hive is deflationary. We are going to keep it simple. The top number is the actual amount of Hive now. It keeps changing as we earn and others.
The middle one is HBD created through the blockchain by all means.
The bottom number is the pseudo-value of Hive.

By now everyone knows Hive is an inflationary token created at 2.81%. Some got burnt and some may get to translate to HBD. HBD as a stablecoin provides a steady flow for anything we can do.
You need Hive token to get HBD. SO HBD is a debt for Hive.
It is the same aspect with #Polycub and #Xpolycub in a way( debt).
The more need we create for HBD, it will increase the value for Hive knowing we have a set limit now for Hive.

Since HBD is a stablecoin equals +- to the dollar, it will stand better against volatility.
You may read many posts about HBD. We need more folks to hold HBD putting pressure on Hive.
12% is a good starter. You may earn more than 12 percent by curating and posting but we need all parties to work for Hive to grow and remain deflationary.

I still do not glimpse to understand all applications for Hive like resources credit and many more.
Hive itself can be a saving grace into the financial world. When you jump to second layer you have NFT games, NFT and tokens giving you another avenue to earn.
I know all eyes could be on BTC to raise us all but Hive daily movement reaches $10+ million

Second layer easily can achieve $2 million just by itself.
I know making money is in the mind of everyone but the right knowledge can make a different
5 years down the line. As always the easiest way to earn with crypto you hold.
Please do not take my words out of context. Do your research and be patient.
Build something you can control and exactly always invest what you can afford to put away for a while.

I am pretty sure April is like another month for you with more experience.
Keep mounting that DEFI. Use Hive as your gateway for the world.
There are so much to Hive one post may not cover.

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