Everyone In Crypto Should Be A Farmer By Now

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1 year ago

If you are not doing some type of farming generating more crypto through staking or DeFi then you need to get involved. The ability to compound the growth is what will set you apart financially from everyone not involved.

It is amazing how over time your perspectives and goals change due to unforeseen circumstances. I think this is natural and healthy as everyone's needs change and never stand still.

When I first came into crypto my first experience was to lose all the money on the exchange due to a hack. There are no regrets as this is all part of the learning experience and since that time educated myself by burying myself in crypto knowledge. The hack actually lead me to Hive in an around about way and was the luckiest find I have ever done.

The initial idea was to trade crypto and learn along the way but that has since been put to bed as staking is the smartest way to grow and earn. I have mentioned generating revenue streams in previous posts and honestly believe this is the future for crypto investors long term.

The thoughts of trading crypto have long gone now however as the times and needs have changed the thinking. One just has to look around at the state of the economies around the world to get a glimpse of where the future is heading. This is not a pretty picture especially in South Africa with the 18-24 age group reported to be at over 65% unemployed. This is disastrous for any country as where does the unrest and uprisings come from? If the youth have no future they will turn on the Government at some point leading to even bigger woes for the economy.

Crypto being able to earn you a living is where my focus has now turned to as that is the reality of playing it safe. The ability to earn from crypto besides places like Hive has only come about in the last few years. I am not talking about similar sites to Hive as that to me is pointless as one has to devout the time required to grow and that wouldn't be possible, but staking in other projects.

Taking the time and knowledge we already know and applying that to projects that have compounding interest tied in with a positive outlook for the future. There are many projects that can tick all the right boxes if we do the homework and research. If you have been involved with CUB you will understand how growth happens automatically and is reassuring no matter what the price is.

Who knows what 2023 and beyond holds for everyone and what businesses or employment will be left by then. That wont really matter if you get your house in order now as whatever comes your way you will be covered by your earnings via crypto. The ability to earn has never been this easy and seriously we should all be farming through staking or DeFi. On Hive this is all we know as staking is what many of us have done for years and now should be advantageous as this has been a good habit to have.

If there is a Bear or Bull cycle it doesn't matter as the ability to earn forgetting about price as that is an incontrollable you have no ability to control. What you can control is the ability to earn more crypto which is the key for the long term earning abilities.

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