I wonder every day if God exists

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2 years ago

I will try to be short so i dont bore you.

Ive been thru so many,many,many things in my life,that most people not only they do not belive but cant even accept it to be true.

Ofcourse they are just a few(people i told a few things about my life,not all cause its to much for me)because i cant talk about me like i would talk or describe a movie.

Its not easy.

I can only tell in this article this...i have been thru things you see in horror movie.

I go thru one time,2 times...but when its lice a vicious circle,what do you do?

Some say its his plan,some say its a lesson but when it happens all over again and each time its get worse the the previous?

Well you start to ask yourself not only if God exists but start to question everything,even your own existance.

And i stop here,i am not in the mood to tell more.

Its hard for me to write even if i am an anonime here.

Maybe i will write about it another time.

Stay safe.

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God don't give hardships that you can't overcome.

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2 years ago

would love to know your stories

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2 years ago