Earnings on cryptocurrency – how to get cryptocurrency for free

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Nowadays, it has become fashionable to have cryptocurrency, so such earnings become very popular. Let's figure out how to succeed in this area of activity.

What is the earnings of cryptocurrency

In fact, making money on cryptocurrency is quite difficult. There are only a few options how to do this:

  1. Cryptocurrency trading.

  2. Attachment to cryptocurrency.

  3. Mining.

  4. Getting cryptocurrency for free.

Let's look at each of the options presented separately.

Cryptocurrency trading

There are special cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies. On the difference in the fall and growth of courses, you can earn money.

Such an activity is suitable only for those people who are well versed in this. In fact, this is the same forex earnings – only even more complicated and not more understandable! Therefore, only knowledgeable users should trade in cryptocurrencies, an ordinary person is likely to leave for « minus »!

Attachment to cryptocurrency

It is now fashionable to have investment baskets. Previously, they consisted of currencies of various states, shares and bonds. Now many add cryptocurrency here.

You can buy a crypt on the same exchanges, or through online exchangers. It is better to store in reliable wallets installed on a computer or laptop. Or use intermediary sites, there are a huge number of them now.

Important: Many users store cryptocurrency directly on exchanges. In my opinion, this is not entirely correct, I will give 2 arguments:

1. Quite often, hackers hack exchanges and steal all the money from their users' accounts. They don’t deal with separate wallets, too shallow for them.

2. An account on a foreign cryptocurrency exchange may be closed for various reasons. For example, now ( 10.2022 ), many large foreign companies are closing accounts of Russian customers due to sanctions, any person can fall under this.

Mining cryptocurrency

Farm creation.

Browser mining. Passes, as is already clear from the name, in a PC browser or laptop. Income depends directly on the power of your device, but, in fact, such mining does not bring anything special. It is worth considering that more: your income or energy costs.

Cloud mining. It is carried out through special sites where you buy mining power. In fact, everything is pretty subtle here too! The cost of renting capacities is slightly lower than the price of « produced » cryptocurrency. If the price of the crypt continues to rise, then it is profitable, and if it falls, then you can stay in the « minus »!

Farm creation. This option of mining cryptocurrency is considered the most profitable. But there are difficulties:

1. First, the initial costs of the farm will be required. The amount can be pretty decent!

2. Secondly, you need to look for a place where such a farm will work. In Russia, as far as I know, they are currently prohibited. That is, you need to look for another state, and it is better with low prices for electricity, and there with someone to agree on the installation. In general, not so simple!

Getting cryptocurrency for free

There are 2 main options, how to get cryptocurrency for free via the Internet:

1. Cryptocurrency earning Sites

2. Bounty programs

We will discuss each of them in more detail.

Cryptocurrency earning Sites

On the Internet there are all kinds of projects that give their users cryptocurrency for elementary actions: enter a captcha, complete simple tasks, go through a survey and so on. This can be attributed to browser mining. The amounts are very modest, it’s difficult to earn anything significant!

More or less normal numbers can be obtained if the referal programs of such sites are used. By attracting new users to such projects, you get a percentage of their earnings. But here you need to try, you will need to attract thousands of active referrals so that your income reaches a good level.

Bounty programs

On the Internet you can find new cryptocurrency projects that launch bounty programs, through which you can receive their tokens for free for various actions:

1. Write an article about their project on your website.

2. Take off the video and add to your channel.

3. Write a post on social networks.

And the like. Often in such bounty there are special competitions where several prizes receive good awards! Once he participated in one thing: it was necessary to write an article on the site and make a repost on social networks. I got into 20 prize places and received tokens in the amount of 60,000 rubles. These were the simplest 60 thousand in my life!

Actually, that's all earnings on cryptocurrency at the moment. Perhaps other options for such activities will soon appear.

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