They got my nose bled

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4 months ago
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Technicians, engineers, planner and the manager had an unexpected meeting behind my chair and their discussiojs made my nose bled.

But don't worry, I'm okay. I didn't really have a nose bleed but it's a joke Filipinos say when someone is speaking English fluently. The planner is an Chinese National, the engineer is from Luzon and others were bisaya but to the planner's bejifit, they all talked using English language.

I can understand English naman , maybe I just got annoyed a little to the noise they made but it's still in tolerable level still. Maybe I was just not used to someone making noise and honestly, no don't have the right to get angry because they are talking about work and it is important.

Anyways, it is now over and I can have my privacy and peace.

Do you still get annoyed about people making noise too?

If so, tell me about it

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If the noise is very annoying haha.

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4 months ago