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3 months ago

This year, I bought a new phone to upgrade my husband's phone because I really cannot contact him even if our phones are side by side.

I don't know for what reason, maybe because his phone is an old model; but it's not that old, it's a Huawei y6 2019 phone, or maybe it could be because of the fighting of the signals of the network operators. We use dito sim and TM sim on our phones and bother cannot be contacted and the messages comes very delayed.

I bought a tecno spark y7T for an upgrade, I was very happy when buying it online because it was on sale and also, I had an almost 500 pesos voucher.tue phone is very compatible to dito sim and after transferring his files and sim cards, there are no hassle in contacting him except when he leaves the phone at home accidentally.

Now for the phone, it became an extra and the kids are borrowing it often. We don't like it; it diverted thier attention from school and rest to the point that Thier eyes gets red.

So I decided to sell the phone and priced it for 1,500 pesos. But when the payment came, it was only 1000 because my husband said so. The buyer asked foraa discount and he automatically said yes.

If I knew it goes like that, I would have not sold it to him.

Haaay, regrets. It's late for me to know how to use "digital balance" in phones too. But bygones are bygones yet it left a scar. Now I'm looking for a phone to let my eldest daughter use for communication. I and my husband are very busy at work and she is taking Summer class and she crosses the road alone. By this time, I will be controlling their screen time by setting a limit on how many hours they will use.

Have you known about the digital balance to keep your kids safe while using the phone?

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