Welcome back to me after 1year and 6months

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4 months ago

Hi guys, actually I really don't know if this site is still working because last time I checked there is a new platform for this site and I thought it will be gone once the new site or app is well established but to my surprised now it's still open and still working .I am also busy as a OFW but it's not my lucky job since before. And now I am doing tutorial videos on Facebook reels and trying to make money online. It's not easy hahaha but I'm trying everyday to make a 3-5 reels or short videos a day.

Well ,now I'm back here and it makes me feel so much happier that I can still access my account. Hello @TheRandomRewarder@TheRandomRewarder I don't know how it works here now but I am willing to read about read.cash now. Like I am working from day 1 now .What I missed here is that I can be able write what's inside me heart without judgements and yes ,I'm not good in writing or my grammar is like ehemm not good. But I am willing to learn and earn OFCOURSE that's the main reason why I'm back .

But is there anyone here willing to comment what's new here ?The Do's and Don't . Rusty still a random rewarder now or how it works now .Anyhow I am willing to wait to someone to help me answered my question.

I'm back !

I'm back!

I'm back !

And willing to write articles again.

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