If you could run away ,where would you go?

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1 year ago

We have this particular place that we want to go when we feel alone and sad. A place you can say that this is what makes me calm and happy. So if you have some problems you already memorize that place you want to be stress free.

If I could run away I will go to this places

  • Beach

  • Mountain

  • Canada

  • Iceland

  • God


First in my list. Why beach? It makes me relaxed I can wipe my tears that no one can see it because I will swim and let my tears fall each moment. I find it so peaceful and solemn that I can able to burst out my stress or problems and I can breath after that. And ofcourse I want to witness the sunset like how my problems fade off if I see it. Becahes like this can help your me talk brain to work and gives you a positive thoughts in life.

If I could given a chance I would also be here and stay here to avoid anyone or anything that makes my life negative and streesfull. Greeny nature and fresh air helps you to forget and change the negative reaction into positive one. I want a simple life and I think if running away from problems there in the mountains is the best way to live your life with your family. Living a simple life is much happier that having a huge house that full of toxic people.


Why Canada? It is my dream county even before when I was in elementary. I wanted to work there and live if that's possible .And if life given me a chance to run away I would also to chose this place to live my life and continue my journey in life. "Walang masama mangarap". This is my escape place in the World.


The second country I want to go. And this beautiful will fade away my stress in life and that's maybe a place I would love to go and travel. Relaxing view and very beautiful creation. Sometimes nature can fixed our damaged head so this place is perfect to go if you wanted to run away to toxic place and people.


Above all they are just my escape place if I would give a chance to run away and if given a chance to go where I want to go. A ambitious dream of mine always in my heart . But in God's will. But no matter how you escape life you need to face it and there are no place that could fix everything that has been damaged, no one but God alone.

So I conclude if I could run away I would to.Gods hands and ask for what I need physical or anything because I know God has ba better plan for us. And I would choose to run again and again to God no matter what kind of problems I will be facing only him that matters to me.

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1 year ago


Yep, let us turn to God or the Higher Power whatever we call it, and surrender everything. I love going to the beach too. The sea usually cleanses the aura :)

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