"Falling in Love with the Law"

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Falling in love with the Law

For many of us, joyfully and whole heartedly following the law is not an easy task.

Law is defined as a system of rules that an individual must follow. It is necessary

for it regulates a certain organization or community, failure in following these

rules result to penalties and or punishment.

By nature, we humans are sinful, we tend to do things that

are contratry to what is defined as good or right. And when ask why we have

done such a thing, the answer that most result to is "just because".

Psalm 119 is a long, passionate love poem about God's law. The word traslated "law" found

many times as you read the poem doesn't merely mean rules. It communicates the entirety of God's

guidelines. The psalmist sees and comprehends that life is brimming with vulnerabilities, of foes,

of torment, of agony. Yet, God has offered us a dependable aide for living, His Word- the Bible.

And obeying God's law written in the Bible, to the psalmist, is NO SLAVERY - rather is it freedom.

As it says in His Word, "I run in the path of your commands,

for you have set my heart free."

Indeed, God's law is not there to enslave, hinder or limit us from becoming the best version of ourselves or even enjoying the life you now have. Instead, God's law is there to teach us to become better person each day, it is there to give us proper understanding of the things around us and lastly, it is there to remind us of our actions and or thoughts.

How about you? Do you find difficulty in obeying His written decrees? I pray that you will also see God's

law just as the psalmist sees it- a guide and a freedom for life.

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Life to those who find them and health to one's whole body..

Lovin' God's words including his laws is one of the litmus test of how your relationship is with Him.

Keep livin and growin in love with Him!!!

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Our guide in living a life that pleases God.

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Following 10 commandments will guide you to the right path

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