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Why Wyze Cam Not Connecting To The Internet? How Do To Fix This Problem

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1 year ago

If you are trying again and again but your Wyze Cam Not Connecting To The Internet, check the wifi, restart the router, or move the camera near the router or vise versa.

In this guide, we are going to explain all the common reasons why your Wyze Security Camera is not working. After that, we will provide you all the methods needed to fix the issue.

Reasons Why Wyze Cam Not Connected To The Internet

After the research work, we have found that some of the main reason because of which your Wyze Cam Connection Failed could be the following:

  1. Wrong wifi password 

  2. Weak internet connection 

  3. The camera is placed too far from the router 

  4. Faulty Sd card 

  5. The outdated Wyze camera app

How To Fix When Wyze Cam Connection Is Failed?

We have given all the reasons that could be responsible for why your Wyze Cam Not Connecting to the internet. Now, we are heading towards the troubleshooting steps.

  1. Verify The Password Of The Wifi

First, you need to verify that your camera is connected to the internet or not. It could be possible that someone has changed the wifi password and forgot to update it from the Wyze app.

Hence, check the password again, if it has changed then update the password from the Wyze application.

  1. Check Your Network Connection

You need to verify whether your internet connection is working properly or there is anything not right. To check the working of your internet, do connect any other device with the same network. If you found that your internet is faulty and not working properly then do call your network service providers.

  1. Restart The Wifi Router

You must be aware of the fact that the process of restarting is one of the most effective ones. Many technical glitches could be fixed easily just by a quick restart.

Hence, turn off the router and then disconnect the power cables and all other cables. After doing that, wait for at least 60 seconds and then reconnect all the cables again.

Turn on the router and let it connect back to the camera. Turn on the camera and check if the Wyze Cam Not Connecting issue gets fixed or not.

  1. Move Your Camera Close To The Router

While positioning the security cameras, it is very necessary to place them within the wifi range. There are chances that you have placed the camera far from the router.

Hence, move your security camera a little closer to the wifi device or vice versa. After doing that, restart the camera again and check whether it starts working or still not connecting.

  1. Check The SD Card

The SD card that you have inserted inside the Wyze camera should not be corrupted. Let us tell you that a corrupted SD card will let you face the issues like Wyze Cam Won't Connect to the wifi, or Wyze Cam Stopped Working.

Hence, remove the Sd card and then replace that with another one. If the issue gets fixed, the faulty SD card was the main issue.

  1. Reset Wyze Camera 

If you have followed all the above-given procedures and still the Wyze Cam Not Connecting to the wifi, reset it now. 

Remove the SD inserted inside the camera. 

  • Connect the security camera into the power outlet, press and hold the setup button for at least 30 seconds. 

  • Wait until your security camera will not reset completely. 

  • Turn on the camera to check whether it has started working again or not. 

Last Words

When you will come to know that your Wyze Cam Not Connecting to the internet, reset the camera. In addition to that, we have told you all the required methods needed to fix this issue.

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1 year ago
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