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How To Fix When Arlo Camera Not Recording? Arlo Camera Offline Issue +1-805-791-2114

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6 months ago

Is your Arlo Camera Not Recording any event and you are very much worried about it? It happened several times that a security camera stopped recording footage because of one or other reasons.

A loose cable connection, weak wifi, and wrong motion detection settings are some of the main causes why Arlo Not Recording All Motion. In this troubleshooting guide, we are going to share some easy methods to fix the issue.

Need some help? Pick your phone and dial the Arlo Security Camera Customer Service Phone Number +1 -805-791-2114 now.

Why is Arlo Camera Not Recording Anything?

A number of reasons might be responsible for your Arlo Camera Not Recording anything. It is very necessary to check if you are having a subscription for Arlo Video Doorbell security features. If you are a new Arlo user, sign up for free as a trial version.

If you already have a subscription but still your security camera is not recording, make sure you have set it properly.

Other Possible Reasons Has Been Mentioned Below:

  1. Wrong motion detection settings

  2. Notifications are not enabled

  3. Loose cable connections

  4. Wrong placement of the camera

  5. Arlo is not connected to wifi

All of the above-mentioned reasons could be majorly responsible for why Arlo Camera Stopped Recording. But don’t worry, we have already completed our research work in the field to fix the problem.

How To Fix When Arlo Camera Not Recording?

If your Arlo Camera Not Recording All Motion, make sure it is plugged properly and all the cables are correctly inserted. A weak internet connection could be the reason for the glitch. Let’s find out how to fix it when Arlo stopped recording anything.

  1. Move Arlo To An Accurate Position

It is very necessary to place a security camera somewhere where they can record everything without facing any hindrance from other objects. Move the camera to another location if it gets covered by something or does not record an appropriate angle.

  1. Motion Detection Setting

With the help of the motion detection setting of the camera, you can let your camera record things from small to medium according to their speed. Make sure the motion detection setting is correct. The wrong detection could be responsible for your Arlo Camera Not Recording anything.

  1. Enable the Notifications

It could be possible that your device is recording everything correctly but it is not able to send you the notifications. Hence, check the notification setting and make sure you have provided the correct email id to get the notifications.

  1. Check All Cable Connections

All the cables that are either connected to the security camera or wifi should be tightened well. A loose cable connection could be responsible for why Arlo Camera Stopped Recording. If you find any cable is faulty, replace it with a new one.

  1. Don’t Forget To Check Wifi Connection

You can only access to see the live footage or the camera can only record when it is connected to wifi. Hence, you must check whether your wifi is working properly or not. You may contact your Internet Service Providers to fix the wifi issue.

  1. Check Power Plugs & Connection

You may not have connected the Arlo camera to the correct power plug or the power connection is not proper. In both of these given conditions, your camera will not be able to record anything obviously. So, don’t forget to check everything properly.

Last Words...

When it comes to a technical device, anything is possible and sometimes it is very hard to find out why the error occurs. In this guide, we have discussed why is Arlo Camera Not Recording and how one can fix it. If you need some help, dial the Arlo Camera Phone Number now.

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6 months ago
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