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Fix Wyze Cam Not Connecting Error In 6 Easy Steps

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11 months ago
Wyze Cam Not Connecting

Wyze Cam Not Connecting error is the one that makes anyone irritated and frustrated. Some of the main reasons that are responsible for this issue could be related to a weak internet connection, faulty wifi device, or damaged cable connections.

It is very necessary to find the main cause to fix the problem from its root. This is why we have researched and found some of the best troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

Do apply all the steps on your Wyze security camera and make it start recording again like before.

Why Is My Wyze Cam Not Connecting To Internet?

If you have found that your Wyze Cam Not Connecting to the available internet connection then you must check the internet connection. It may be possible that wifi goes and hence Wyze Cam Won't Connect to the wifi.

Here are some of the common reasons why Wyze Cam Stopped Working:

  1. You may have entered the wrong wifi password or someone has changed it.

  2. Your Wifi goes down and you are still unaware of it.

  3. Too much distance between the Wyze camera and base station.

  4. Damaged SD card inside the camera.

  5. Outdated Wyze cam application.

No matter what, by the end of this guide, your camera will start working again like before and there is no doubt about it.

6 Methods To Wyze Cam Connection Failed Issue

To fix Wyze Cam Not Connecting error, verify cable connection, check the wifi, restart the modem/router, update the Wyze camera application, and then move the base station close to the router.

  1. Verify All The Cable Connections

All the cables that you have connected to the Wyze and the router should be tightened well. A loose cable connection could be responsible for why Wyze Cam Won't Connect, Wyze Cam Connection Failed, or why Wyze Cam Keeps Saying Ready to Connect.

  1. Check The Wifi Password

The password that you have entered to connect Wyze to the internet may be incorrect. Hence, you must check the wifi password and update it from the Wyze camera application if found anything wrong.

  1. Restart The Wyze Camera

Refresh the Wyze camera by a quick restarting as it sometimes fixes the minor technical glitches easily. To restart the Wyze camera, turn it off, remove the cables and wait for a while. Now, reconnect the cables again after 30 seconds. Turn On the security camera and check if the Wyze Cam Not Connecting issue gets resolved or not.

  1. Move Base Station Close To The Router

Another major possibility why your Wyze Cam Keeps Saying Ready to Connect could be related to the base station. You may have placed the base station far from the router. This is the reason why the Wyze camera is not working.

  1. Check the SD Card

Remove the SD card from the Wyze camera and insert a new one. If the camera started recording then it was the SD card that was faulty.

  1. Reset Wyze Camera

Reset the Wyze security camera if you have applied all the methods but still, your camera is not working.

  • Connect the camera to the power outlet and press and hold the setup button for 30 seconds.

  • Wait until the Wyze camera will not be restarted again.

  • Check if the Wyze camera-related problem gets fixed completely or not.

Wyze Cam Not Connecting


At the end of this article, it can be said that if your Wyze cam Not Connecting to the available internet connection then it’s a must to check the internet connection. Most of the time, a faulty internet connection is responsible for the. In this guide, we have told you all the reasons and the troubleshooting steps with the help of which you can easily fix the issue in a short time.

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11 months ago
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