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Blink Live View Failed Troubleshooting Guide | +1 805-791-2114 | Blink Camera Not Working

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7 months ago

Blink security cameras are one of the best security devices in the market. These cameras are very reliable and come with a number of features. There are a number of reasons why Blink is the first choice of a number of users today. But, sometimes you may have to face the Blink Live View Failed error.

For all Blink camera users, if your Blink Camera Not Working, this is the guide for you. In this guide, we are going to tell you all the steps to fix the problem. You can also take help from our technicians, pick your phone and dial the Blink Camera -Customer Service Number.

In order to troubleshoot any technical glitches, it is a must to find the possible causes. Some of the main reasons why Blink Camera Not Recording Clips could be the distance between sync module & router, faulty batteries, loose cable connections, etc.

Blink Live View Failed Troubleshooting Error

To troubleshoot the error, we will start applying basic steps first. Hence, check all the cable connections. It could be possible that any of the cables are not connected tightly or the batteries of the camera get damaged or discharged.

Let us tell you that one should always use the AA Lithium batteries as they provide the required energy to charge the Blink camera.

A bad internet configuration could be another possible reason behind the Blink Live View Failed issue.

Ask our experts how to fix the glitch quickly, dial the Blink Customer Service Number now.

  1. Check Your Wifi Connection

Connect any other device with the wifi connection to which Blink camera is connected. In this way, you can check if your wifi device is working or not.

Restart the router with the help of the below-given steps if found anything wrong,

  • To restart the router, you have to remove the power plug from the power source first.

  • Now, take our other connected cables at the back of the wifi device.

  • After waiting for at least 2-3 minutes, connect all the cables back to their places and turn ON the router.

  • Move Base Station Close to the Router

It is very necessary to move the base station close to the wifi device. You may have placed it at a distance from the router. Hence, Blink Live View Failed issue occurs.

  1. Check the Batteries

Without batteries, it is not possible for a Blink camera to record anything. Hence, it is very necessary to check the batteries inside the camera. Open the back cover and take them out, try to fix the issue by replacing them with new ones.

  1. Reset the Blink Security Camera

Reset the Blink camera if you have applied all the methods but still, your Blink Camera Connected but Not Working.

  • The reset button is given under the back cover of the camera. If you have Blink mini, the button is provided below the lens.

  • So, long-press the reset button using a thin pin-like object and hold it down for about 10-20 seconds.

  • When you do this, the indicator will turn off, and the Red Light On Blink Sync Module will appear.

  • Once the security camera will be reset completely, the Blink Live View Failed problem will be resolved completely.


This troubleshooting guide can be concluded on the point that the Live view failed issue on Blink camera can be caused because of a number of reasons. In this article, we have given all the steps required to fix the problem. For more help, dial the Blink Phone Number now. Our experts will help you to fix Why Blink Live View Failed or can drop your query at Securitycamhelpline.

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7 months ago
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