TOTGA: A friend relationship ver.

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1 year ago

Clicking the link of article and viewing this is an effort already, thanks! I hope you read further <3

Last night I actually shared this to my friend @glossyberrycraze , told her I kinda miss interacting to a friend I made in (@Charlotte). Yesss, this is about someone from that platform that I become a bit close and I considered a friend- virtual friend, then suddenly I lost connection.

I made a lot of good friends from read cash and noise cash, friendship that extended even to other social media platform and we talk about meeting in person someday. To name a few, I became friends with Hanzell nee-chan, kli4d-kun, and ate Ruffa chan when I started here in rc. Then I met Hanzell nee-chan's sister sunshinestella, and a co-engineering student Derukundesu at noisecash. I also had fun interacting with a lot of noisecash friends, those who I can talk to (through comment section) as they share different things about their lives and how their day went (can't mention ya'll guys but you know who you are wuv wuv). There are also people that I start to admire- from being an amazing writer, artist, or just being themselves. I have a huge admiration to ate Jane, marcmire, essic, and all the artist in artpark (like ate Rang, ate crimsonowl and ateee Hanzell of course). I made a lot of friends, even if ever the above mentioned and those that are not specifically mentioned don't consider me as one (if eveeer), I still consider them as a friend of mine because they become a big part of my life to the point that I miss them when I can't talk or even can't read their post since we all have busy days.

So, the thing is, I really have a certain attachments when it comes to friends. I cry more when it's about my friends than when I broke my heart from certain love relationship years ago hahah. I have weakness when it comes to my friend's favor that I can't say no immediately, that's why even it's just virtual, I treasure all those friends that I interacted with. They may not be my super friends, but they are all amazing for me.


The one that got away. Yeah, I have this noise cash friend whom I interacted almost everyday. I learned a lot about her and I am updated with her likes, cute pets, talents, and certain things that she shared about her life. She also commented on my posts before and learn some things about me. So yeah the level of interaction is same with Ruffa chan and Hanzell nee chan (I haven't interact some of the mentioned above since this happened when nc is just starting). I guess we become active in commenting from each others posts for how many months, and then suddenly something changed :< I am the only one commenting on her posts, I didn't recognize it right away because I am not thinking that if I commented on your post, you should do the same, I'm not like that I even told ya'll guys before that support is earned not imposed. So, I still continued interacting with her even I miss her giving insights about how my day went as I shared it to the platform, she still replies to me in her post. I just told myself that maybe my posts don't appear on her timeline as there are a lot of updates and new users. Days, week, months had past but still the same, it's weird that even I am active in most days before, that I make sure I have at least 3 posts a day she didn't see it and interact?, I mean I guess that's really it. I was so paranoid that time if I made a mistake, offended her in some way, or what I did wrong. It suck that I can't ask her directly as it will be awkward to ask something like that in a comment section. I am sad and still think about it from time to time. I even got afraid making more virtual friends as I fear of getting attach again. The thing is, we've been part of each other's lives for some time then it changed in a snap- she's still active in nc but the moment I cut ties (I unsub to keep myself from seeing her post because it made me uncomfortable) that's already cut on her end, she didn't bother interacting anymore, no Charlotte on her comment section and it's fine with her- so I decided to move on. I forgive myself if ever I offended her and did something wrong, I even made a post of saying sorry to those whom I hurt unintentionally. Its just sad and am kinda hurt that a person I get attached to suddenly cut ties without me knowing the reason-or maybe am not as important as she was to me. That's fine. That incident made me realize that, not all people that we cherish feel the same towards us and it's okay. We will lost people along the way, and it's okay. Sometimes it's our fault, but sometimes it's not, and it's okay if it's we're either, what important is how we learned from it.

I hesitated sharing this in an article because i'm afraid ya'll will become Sherlock Holmes or just a professional Marites and eventually know who I am talking about hahaha. ahhh please don't ask me clues who she is because I know some of you guys know her. And please don't comment a hunch who she is, I am fine now-not mad just sometimes sad haha and just want to share some experience during my 11 months of stay in nc.

thank you reading, luv you guys!

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