Omnibus Stories {1}

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Around England in 1830, the first bus was most likely a big steam-powered stagecoach. The first vehicle was known as an omnibus, which is a Latin phrase that means "for everyone," and was eventually abbreviated to bus. In 1895, Germany produced an eight-passenger bus with a single-cylinder engine producing four to six horsepower. Buses in Berlin towed trailers that carried extra passengers from 1905 to 1962. By 1915, bus service had begun in several major cities across the world. City buses have taken the place of horse-drawn or electric trolley cars in a number of communities. Around the same period, suburban and intercity bus service began.

The United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Venezuela, India, Canada, New Zealand, Poland, and Brazil are among the world's leading bus manufacturers. Some bus manufacturers are subsidiaries of automobile companies, while others are self-contained businesses. The majority of bus companies sell their vehicles both domestically and internationally. However, compared to the millions of autos produced each year, bus production is quite tiny. In the mid-1980s, the global total was estimated to be over 3.5 million buses.

Buses are built to be both durable and economical to operate. Buses require significantly more frequent maintenance than cars due to their high usage. Bus firms have their own repair shops and mechanics who maintain a large inventory of spare parts on hand. These businesses require automobiles.

I researched some of Bus facts and history as I wait for the next bus to arrive. Gosh I've been in the terminal for about 45mins haha enough to start an article 😂

Soon as I boarded the bus, the bus driver and his assistant (konduktor) asked me where am headed, bus fare, and my vaccination card. I love buses compared to van since I don't feel super dizzy, but if the bus is air-conditioned I still experience motion sickeness. Fresh air supremacy, and in ordinary bus you have the freedom to close or open the windows. Since I was sitting in the front seat, the assistant also sat there and talk to me. I love how respectful he is as well as the driver. He's not rude that will not ask you questions that are too personal. They asked me first if I'm headed home or if I am going somewhere for which I answered. Then, the driver asked me about my age and he's shocked that am already 22 haha. Since it's a bit long ride, they ask some other stuff and joke around (close na kami agad haha).

Then they also asked what course am studying and when I answered them, they are one of the sweetest I swear. For a stranger to support and motivate you, it's a different kind of happiness. They also told me that they hope I will remember them even after I become an Engr. Also they told me we'll soon build our own Lab and they will call me señiora hahah I also admire that they knew some scope of Chem Eng because they automatically told me that "ohh so you can make/formulate medicines" which is within the scope of our profession.

They also shared some of their stories and I learned that the driver also studied at my Univ before but I didn't hear what course and he didn't tell me why he's not practicing what he studied.

I love to meet them again❤️

This will be my 1st entry to Bus stories because I know there'll be another story that I can share if I traveled again.

With love and curiousity,

curiouscath, Charlotte

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I had an experience like this too but that was in a shuttle van to school and that was otw home. Some of the people are nice and I shared my magic cookies with him. He was telling me how I'll go on to be a scientist. It's cute

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Napangiti talaga ko nun kasi there are relatives na doubting me dati pa tapos sila na strangers ganun na lang yung tiwala nila sayo 🥺

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Agreed ;;w;; Yung fam mo na Di talaga alam Kung ano Yung ginagawa mo sa work pero jinujudge Ka na Saklap lang

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