Mr. or Ms. Profession?

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1 year ago

People have their own dream and career path they want to pursue. Sometimes, other people will doubt at your dreams but you have to be stronger.

As I performed a small task as a grandchild yesterday, I learned a lot of differences between the old days and modern days. I had some chitchat with my grandma as I become her watcher because she is confined in a hospital. We talked about different things in life- how simple it is to live before and how it differ now. She told me the difference of teachers now and during her time, which includes lesson plan is enough so you can teach children but now, you have to have laptop, printers, internet connection, and a lot of paper works are needed. Computers and technology made life easier but the things we have to do piled up more.

That one thing that I kept on thinking until now is my grandma's belief about profession. She believes that one should pursue a profession applicable for their own gender - which I disagree. She asked me what my course is all about, I explained to her the career path a chemical engineer can take. When I told her I can work in power plants or industrial plants she told me it's a men's work. I told myself, I can understand her belief because she grow up in a different era wherein profession is designated depending if you're a man or woman plus the fact that women before are not allowed to work or even have an education. There are a lot of courses that she said it can be for man but not for women, I don't want to argue that's why I just smiled whenever she told me that.

My grandma is a teacher and yes she believes that that profession is suitable for women. She also told me that when you pick a course you should know the goal and path you're facing and for that I agree. But, I myself experienced being undecided and having no idea what I am doing in my course hahah

I just ended the conversion about that topic by saying I can also work in a laboratory doing some tests or be a process engineer and will work on my computer designing the plant and specific equipment because my grandmother kept on insisting engineering is for men and office work and laboratory works are much more fine if you're a girl.

This kind of statements and opinion from other people or much worst from our relatives may shatter our spirit in reaching what our heart wants. I believe that men can always have an advantage in physical physique as mostly they're stronger than women, but dreams doesn't have gender and age.

~Thanks for reading and keep in dreaming dreamer <3

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