How's Life so far?

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1 month ago

I can't express how much happiness I've felt after this retreat. I feel so restored -both my relationship with the Lord and with my brethren. Although it's not actually a major gap, I know there are silent awkwardness that we no longer knew where it's coming from. Having fellowship with them helped us to open up and strengthen our bond and connection. It's indeed a relief when siblings in Christ understand and love each other most especially the servants in the ministry.

I also realized how much loved I am in the church, that I am part of it and it's my home. I can now show my love for them without hesitations. I can serve God and brethren more if God will use me and if it's His Will.

I am thankful that God helped me with the things that I need to hear and addressed. I hope that I will guard my heart, make it strong so my Christian Life will be stronger than before. Even at times that persecutions and difficulties will come, I'll gladly accept it because I know God allowed this and God is with me.

I have to understand the feeling of being in the dark, to appreciate the light.


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