February Updates

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9 months ago

Ahhh my board exam is just around the corner and I feel like I still have a lot to accomplish, I am not yet prepared hahah

I know I can't do this alone, I don't trust myself but rather lay all these worries and uncertainties to God. Whatever the result of my exam, God will not leave me and will guide me all the way whieee.

So how's your February so far? I am fine (haha why does this sound weird and a lie lol). I have a goal of losing my belly fat and start exercising but look, I just finished munching sweet donuts haha what to do mum gave it to me, I can't refuse mwehehe. I am not that unhealthy but I want to start taking care of my health more and stay fit so I can do more physical activities without getting exhausted easily. It is also a good way to release stress, instead of paying attention to socmeds I now prefer healthy stress relievers (but I can't give up coffee huhu).

I am also happy I had a little catch up with my friends though video call,since graduation, we haven't seen each other huhu also tomorrow I will visit my friends and we'll have some snacks and share stories. I will share the gospel to them too because sharing the Words of God is the most wonderful thing I can do to show my love for them. I do hope I'll be more courageous.

Another happening is my cat's newborn kittens. They're almost 3 weeks old, two of them has a black and white color and the other one is brown like their mom (my cat Charlotte). My nephew even gave them names: Charcoal, Charmee, and Charlang. I just let him because he's really serious about giving them names and it should start with letter C just like my cats who are with us and those who left home (Charlotte, Coco, Charlet, Checkered). I plan to post their pics for adoption soon as they can consume solid foods. Hope they'll have a warm home.

So far, these are the only events I can share. Will update later mwehehhe Thanks for stopping by~~

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9 months ago