Is anonymity good?

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6 months ago
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Good morning


So today my post is about anonymity in DeFi.



I am completely at odds with myself about this one, as i understand that a lot of what we do in crypto is about being anonymous. My Bitcoin wallet does not have my name on it and i like that. Our transactions on the blockchain are a string of letters and numbers, again good, but is it right that the developers of projects or protocols are anonymous?


I understand that these people also have a right to be anonymous for some good reasons, that some of them are genuine and just want privacy but that leaves us open to the ones that are anonymouse because their intentions are bad from the start. If i was smart enough and had no morals and set up a protocol that i knew i was going to rug pull, i would not use my real name either....


I find it hard when researching a project to often find the names of devs and all involved to see if there is anyone involved that is on my naughty list (yes i really do have this, but in my head it is called something quite different!) I am also struggling when it comes to contracts for protocols and wallets and following the money, that is why i try to research the people but often find nothing. If you research a person and find out that they have been in four projects that have been rug pulled, well you would probably not invest.


When some ones name is A.B or their profile picture is an NFT it is not easy to work out who they are, oh and AMA's where there are 3 people you can see and one you can't really annoys me. If it is an ask me anything, how about your real name with a real face.


I guess part of the reason i find this whole thing annoying is that my husband and i have had what i would call a shaky start in the world of DeFi as we had invested in:-

SPHERE ..............................................................Simsala


PXT/ PXT2/ PXT/ now called HALLON..........Professor X (im guessing thats not his given birth name)

I can actually hear you saying more fool you, but to be fair we only tested the waters with very small investments in these and i am not saying if i knew their full names and did thorough research on them i would not have invested, but now if someone from one of these is involved in another DeFi project i would steer clear, but hindsight is great. I also do follow  Coffeezilla and the DeFi army but they tell you about it after it has happened.


Also i am not sure if a team being doxxed makes that much difference, but i could be wrong. It is also true that some of the not so legitimate protocols have developers who are doxxed and are very public and show their faces.


I also think there should be a community blacklist of known scammers, but i also know that something like this could just end up like some sort of witch hunt and not be based on facts.


I would love to hear peoples thoughts on this so please feel free to comment, 


As always thank you for reading.




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6 months ago
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