A tecnophobes story, part 3

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10 months ago


So our next step on our Journey is to get an EIRO number so we can get our miners through customs and on one of the hottest days of the year (40 degrees plus) we meet up with the translator as we have no idea if this will be a difficult process or not. An hour later we have our form which was suprisingly easy for a change. Over a coffee our translator read through the Q and A's and contract and ammended where needed and email us a copy. Nervous and excited we continue onwards.




So we finally have our first miners, those beautiful boxes we have waited so long for, we are trembling with excitement, it is almost like you don’t want to touch them, we want to savour the moment but they need to be plugged in to work! We each open one with trembling hands.

We follow the instructions on the box, they have to sync and I have read that this can take days to finish, so we literally sit there and watch them. Eventually the miners have their names, nothing to do with us, when they are made they are given an animal name and 2 descriptive words chosen at random. We let our teenage son pick one to be his, for him to be involved in what we are doing as well as a lesson really.




Well what we need to do now is find hosts, people who will be willing to plug one in to their home to help us form a network or coverage. The electricity costs are minimal, maybe 1 leva per month, but they will also need internet, either Ethernet connection or WIFI. While we were waiting for our deliveries we made a plan of where, when and who all based on delivery dates and areas to be covered, they need to be able to reach each other with a signal that we are unsure of how far it will reach.

The plan is that this will also help our friends, people we know and trust because basically they will be getting paid for doing nothing. Neither of us are sales people but we think money for nothing should sell itself. We have our printed Q and A sheet in English and Bulgarian ready to go.


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