A newbie mistake in crypto

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9 months ago

A little about us, David and i.


Our first crypto adventure was hellium mining, i think that brought a whole lot of new people into crypto, our only regret is not getting into crypto a whole lot sooner. (this could change at somepoint i know, but at the moment its good).


All of my other posts were basically a diary i wrote abour our journey with hellium and some of the hurdles we encountered, the emotions we were going through and achievement in setting up our own little network in a rural Bulgarian village.I tried to write it so our parents could understand what we are doing, as they used to ask us 'how is your thing going'.


This diary sat on the coffee table for about a year untill a friend asked what it was and if she could read it, it was the first thing i had written that someone else had read.


Anyway we wanted to diversify a little of our earnings and try new things, i have read approximately 50 white papers on different things ( ii do like reading thankfully) I also know this is not thorough enough and i am trying to learn more about researching projects. A few were rejected straight away, a few are still being looked into but what we did do was dive into the defi finance sector. We made a newbie mistake as we watched a few you tube videos, got excited with the hype and went for it...... 


We watched the earnings grow, it was so exciting. Now me being the most risk adverse of us said ok take out our initial stake and leave the rest in, we did not invest a huge ammount just a bit to see how it goes but with the excitment we decided to wait just a bit longer.........so then what goes up........also goes down and it did......all the way.


So lesson learned, luckily though after a while it did climb back up and we were luck to not loose money but not make any either so i guess break even is not so bad for a newbie.


Our adventure in crypto continues.................

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9 months ago