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Bitcoin & Altcoin News Jan 7th

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Welcome to Bitcoin & Altcoin News on CryptoUnique A complete analysis of everyday News

ATH Everyday

Just a day before yesterday bitcoin hit an all-time high and also yesterday and also today. Every day btc hits an all-time high there is no going down as of now.

Former Federal Reserve Governor Now On Board with Bitcoin

The former US Federal Reserve governor Kevin Warsh who was once a skeptic on bitcoin has changed his way on the asset and commented that Bitcoin "does make sense". Changing monetary policy and humongous money printing has made him change his thought.

Another Day another company market cap RANK annexed by bitcoin

Market capitalization refers to how much a company or asset is worth. Tesla's market cap is $ 716 billion, according to Asset Dash, but Bitcoin, which had a market cap of $ 640 billion just yesterday, has now overtaken Tesla, placing it in seventh overall on Facebook, Amazon, and Apple.

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin's market capitalization has increased 10.4%, which also caused Bitcoin to surpass the market capitalization of multinational tech company Alibaba Group Holdings of approximately $ 650 billion (now $ 615 billion).

Ever-Increasing Bitcoin Whales

According to Kraken, the total number of Bitcoin whales holding over 100 Bitcoins has surpassed 16,300 - a number not seen since March 16, 2020. Many of these addresses represent institutional investors.

Bitcoin's newcomers, who have been increasingly attracted to the asset since MicroStrategy invested $ 425 million in Bitcoin in the summer.

The total number of Bitcoin on these addresses reached around 11.46 million BTC in December, represents the highest level seen throughout 2020. So not only are there more whales but their growth as well.

Young people will buy more Bitcoin with stimulus money

Mike Novogratz A famous On-chain investor and a crypto Expert predicts that young people in the US will buy bitcoin with their upcoming stimulus money further fuelling the ongoing Bull run.

Bitcoin Is Now The 5th Largest World Currency

Bitcoin is not only the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and also the 5th largest worldwide currency as of today

Marketcap over $1 trillion

  • The global market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has exceeded $1 trillion.

  • This is roughly 1% of all the money in the world.

  • The figure will continue to grow rapidly, experts argued.

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Written by   83
1 year ago
Topics: Chainlink, Defi, Finance, ETH, BTC, ...
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