Why Doge Makes Sense

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2 years ago

I'm here to say that Dogecoin makes more sense than many people give it credit for. Reddit, Imgur, Tumblr, 4chan and many large communities online share memes and anecdotes endlessly - it is the lifeblood of many social sites based on image or video sharing.

Dogecoin bridges the gap between technology, internet culture, branding and finance. It does so seamlessly with a family friendly face to three things:

  1. The internet culture that defines our era (memes)

  2. It does so with a positive tone (the doge is a face of optimism, a meme that isn't negative and only means nice things)

  3. It is instantly recognizable, easy to remember, easy to say and easy to babble with "dough-gee", "doggo", "doge"(hard pronunciation).

  4. It is super under priced and accessible, making crypto that much more accessible beyond all the lingo, technical white papers and deterrents of wallets and swaps and pools (all of which sound like mumbo jumbo to new users)

  5. It is below $1, meaning it provides a mass appeal promise of possibility -- that of reaching $1, from the lows it is currently traded at

The icing on the dogecoin cake is Elon Musk should he positively remark on it. Even if he does say something off-hand that hits doge, it will recover because the Reddit community fostered by Wall Street Bets crowd are eager, willing and strong in number and support. They are hodlrs to the end!

This week even more icing was added to the doge cake: Coinbase is being urged into adding the crypto to its tradeable assets. How cool is that?

But wait, there's more!

Dogecoin technical team is hard at work resolving code issues now that there is renewed serious investment happening in the space. If even one institution drops a $1bn investment, the doge shall not rest but rise easily to above $5. Give it time.

So for those of you still scoffing at the fact that it is so liquid and inflatable as a crypto, there is absolutely nothing to lose getting $5 worth of doge at the price its at. Just forget about it and let it ride.

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2 years ago