How to Earn Free Crypto

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Coinbase Earn [various cryptocurrencies]:

This is one of the most popular ways, although it is not really the quickest. You need a Coinbase account and to complete verification. Once you are verified, you will be put on a waiting list that usually lasts a couple of days.

Once you get accepted, all you have to do is watch a video explaining how a project works, and answer some questions about it. It is not anything hard and you can find the answers online.

Right now, you can earn XLM,Graph, Nucypher, BAND, ALGO, FIL, CELO and many others, but they often update it with a new project so definitely keep the account once verified.

CoinGecko Earn [Candies]:

This is also one of the most popular ways. Coingecko is famous platform which lists all the cryptocurrency and updates their live prices. For this you'll need a Coingecko account and login daily. You can earn Candies which then you can use to trade them to get books, discount or any other things they have posted in their rewards section.

Brave browser[BAT Token]:

This is one of my favorites. Brave has a built in ad blocker, which in my experience is quite good. Functions just like any other browser. It gives you notifications with ads, for me around 3-4 an hour. It pays you part of the ad revenue in BAT (Basic Attention Token). It allows you to earn BAT just by browsing and seeing ads. Both on PC and mobile.

Presearch[PRE Token]:

Presearch is a Decentralized Search Engine that does not track you or store your searches, and queries are handled by a decentralized network of node servers processing anonymized queries. I It rewards you with pre tokens and you can withdraw 50% of your earned coins off it in the starting and as your reputation increases the percentage increases. It's early on in development, and I'm unsure how successful this project will be. Either way, it's an exciting time to try it out.

WeNano [NANO]:

This is a similar app to Pokemon Go, but instead of capturing Pokemon, spots are created by users around the world, and by visiting them you can earn NANO and chat with other users. The payouts are actually really good, especially in large cities, and the community around it is awesome.

Reddit [MOON]:

There are actually a couple of ways to earn crypto on Reddit.

First, our favorite, MOONs. You just need to set up your vault (on the app) and you're ready to receive moons next distribution! They happen once a month, and a fixed amount of moons are distributed to the r/CryptoCurrency community, based on the Karma you gained that month. So start shitposting as soon as you can! Although to make a post you need to have 500 Comment Karma. You can also tip those moons to someone else.

FortniteBR is also similar subreddit with their own currency as bricks. You can earn them by shitposting there.

SteemIt [STEEM]:

Steemit is a blogging and social media platform that uses blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency to reward its users for creating content, commenting, and upvoting other posts. 

Games [various cryptocurrencies]:

Many games run on a blockchain, using NFTs to create unique and rare in-game assets. Usually, it is not easy to earn crypto this way, you'll need to play a bit before getting some good stuff that you can sell, but if you find a game that you like you can surely earn while having fun!

CoinMarketCap Earn [various cryptocurrencies]:

Basically the same as Coinbase Earn, but hosted by CoinMarketCap. For this, you'll need a CoinMarketCap account (just needs e-mail and password) and a verified Binance account.

Alien Worlds[TLM Token]:

Alien Worlds is defi NFT metaverse where you can collect and play with unique digital items. You can farm Trilium and NFTs within Alien Worlds by playing the mining and fighting games and by owning land where you charge rental commission.Planets are also be free to pay out Trilium. 

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